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Infamous 2 Beating The Crusher

Infamous 2 Beating The Crusher

The next boss in Infamous 2 is called the Crusher. This guy is way smaller then the last boss and much easier. Still there is a lot of water around and if you fall in its game over real quick so avoid that when you can. Let’s get to the fight.

This is most likely more of a mini boss in Infamous 2 because I could see me fighting a few of these at a time later.

This boss has a few abilities but it is most dangerous when you get close to it. While the melee is nice I guess they don’t want you beating the big guys with it. The next move is when the Crusher charges up the ice and shoots it at you. roll to avoid it. It’s last move is basically shooting ice shards at you. You can dodge these or shoot them back. It will also move around after you do enough damage.

Bombs are the best for this fight. I had the sticky bombs so I spammed it on him till he moved or I ran out of energy and he died really quick.

Normal lightning has no effect on him. It might if he is in the water I didn’t try to shoot the water.

The key to winning is dodged his moves and not letting him knock you into the water.

So there’s the Infamous 2 Crusher boss guide. Not really to hard. Check back soon for more guides and our review.

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