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Infamous 2 Beating The Devourer

Infamous 2 Beating The Devourer
The second boss in Infamous 2 is called The Devourer. He’s quite a formidable looking boss and actually brings back memories of Dadongo in Zelda OoT. He’s got some powerful attacks and can finish you off pretty quickly so I’d suggest you read the guide prior to the fight, instead of using it as a reference during the battle. Let’s get on to the fight.

The Devourer has 2 main attacking abilities. The first ability in The Devourer’s arsenal is a giant explosive ball of spit. It’s easier to avoid this attack if possible but you can shoot it back towards it if you time it correctly. His second main ability is a basic tongue attack. The animation is pretty obvious to spot but if you’re unable to avoid it he’ll grab you and toss you around. If he catches you with his tongue attack you’ll need to shoot at his mouth pretty quickly, if you’re not fast enough he’s going to finish you off in one hit.

I did attempt to use my super ability but I wasn’t able to deliver any serious amounts of damage although I’m not 100% sure if it was to do with his shield or not. Grenades are a good attacking option but they drain a lot of energy so I would only use these as a last ditch effort. Tossing cars and vehicles is another option but it does leave you open to his tongue attack so I’d probably avoid using the vehicles and instead focus on dodging his attacks.

The easiest way I’ve found to defeat The Devourer was by using the Alpha Bolt repeatedly. It’s a lot weaker than the other attacks available but you can attack at a much faster rate, making sure to keep him at a distance. It takes some patience but if you keep up with the Alpha Bolt you should be able to take him out without any problems.

Finally, if you saved the Militia The Devourer may try to target them during the battle. Like yourself the tongue attack is a one hit kill on the Militia so if you want them to survive try to ensure you keep The Devourer’s attention throughout the battle.

So there you go the Infamous 2 The Devourer boss guide. Yet another simple boss battle but I’m hoping we got some more challenges from the next one. Come back soon for more guides and our review.

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