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Infamous 2 Beating The Hive Lord

Infamous 2 Beating The Hive Lord

The next boss in Infamous 2 is called the Hive Lord. This one is a lot like the Ravager but has a few different abilities and you can’t just throw cars at it. You will have some assistance from Kuo in this one but don’t count on her for much against the boss.

The Hive Lord has a different ability then the Ravager and it will put down eggs that spawn little missile shooters. Kills the eggs isn’t that hard I just used some grenades and if they do spawn Kuo will be able to kill a few as well. Hid Second ability is spitting at you from a distance. you can’t shoot it back just dodge.

Your basic attacks don’t effect the Hive Lord. They can kill the eggs and pods though.

If you use the detonation blast and blow it up you can do some damage. Be sure to blow it up before it goes underground.

It will shoot a lot of eggs out and they can quickly over whelm you if you don’t deal with them.

The grenades do a ton of damage and if they are the sticky ones even better. Spam them when you can then recharge and it will drop fairly fast. Be sure to kill the eggs even if you think you can finish the boss though or else you may have to restart the fight.

The super blast didn’t effect the Hive Lord it seemed but it cleared out all the eggs quickly for me.

That will end the Infamous 2 Hive Mind boss guide. Still nothing special but more to come. Check back soon for more guides and a review.

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