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Infamous 2 Beating The Titan

Infamous 2 Beating The Titan

The next boss in Infamous 2 is called the Titan. This is a pretty big guy but not as big as the behemoth. If you don’t clear the Militia out of the area before hand then they can become the focus of the Titan. This boss is a bit tricky so pay attention and let’s go.

The Titan has a few power and is pretty annoying if you ask me. His first ability is an ice ray that will do damage to you and slow you down. If you get caught in this roll out or get behind something. The next ability is shooting tones of ice chunks at you. You can dodge these or shoot them back. Get close it will try to smash you. Also be careful of all the cars around he can squish you with them and end you quickly.

The most annoying thing about this boss is that it can regenerate it’s health. You can kind of tell that it’s arms are it’s weak spots at first because they shine kind of bright. You have to break both of them but if you are to slo0w one will regenerate. Watch your energy and refill it as you need to.After you break the arms you have to expose its weak point so get close and do so.

Sticky bombs are amazing here. I spammed those onto his arms and they came of really quick. Rockets also work pretty well but I’m a bad shot with them so I used the bombs.Normal lightning didn’t do much so I’d avoid that if I were you.

Throwing cars does some damage but for the amount of time it takes to pick up and throw it isn’t worth it in my opinion.

Don’t go into melee range until both the arms are off or else you will be in trouble. Don’t wait to long while it is down though either or it will recover.

After revealing it’s weak point you can really do anything to damage it but I still used grenades the most.

That will end the Infamous 2 Titan boss guide. Pretty simple but still a nice change. Check back later for more guides and our Review.

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