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Injustice 2 – Side With Batman Or Superman

Injustice 2 - Side With Batman Or Superman
The epic story of Injustice 2 sees hero against hero, villain against villain, but few battles are as iconic as Batman vs. Superman. This guide will help you make your choice in Injustice 2 as to whether you decide to side with Superman or Batman, the Man of Steel or The World’s Greatest Detective.

The epic story mode of Injustice 2 spans many chapters and will often give the player the choice. Various Chapter’s allow you to choose between playing specific characters and although these have a minor impact on immediate cut-scenes, it’s the big choice that influences what ending you get. Whether you choose Batman or Superman.

It’s worth going through the story multiple times, to get the best rewards in Injustice 2, but in case you’re picky on your first choice – we’ve got the endings for both characters in video form below.

Injustice 2 – Side With Superman

Injustice 2 – Side With Batman

That’s it for our Injustice 2 – Side With Batman Or Superman guide. Who did you side with? Let us know your thoughts on the ending in the comment section below.

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