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Injustice 2 Story Rewards Guide

Injustice 2 Story Rewards Guide
Injustice 2 returns with another epic single player mode that sees the heroes and villains of DC Universe’s MultiVerse fight it out but in a game where multiplayer is king, is the story mode worth it? This Injustice 2 Story Rewards Guide lists all of the fixed rewards you can unlock for progressing through and completing the story mode in Injustice 2.

It is worth noting that there are two types of rewards when playing through the single player content in Injustice 2, Completion Rewards and Performance Rewards. Completion Rewards are rewarded regardless of performance, once you have completed specific objectives. Performance Rewards are only rewarded if you reach a certain amount of points within the given battle. Typically the Performance Rewards are based on Mother Boxes, varying from Bronze up to Platinum.

Each of the battles within Story also provide experience points and currency.

    Chapter 1 Rewards

    • Dark Rogue’s Tech Belt (Epic Batman)
    • Caped Crusader (Batman Shader)

    Chapter 2 Rewards

    • Circus Freak Firearms (Epic Harley Quinn)
    • Waller’s Jester (Harley Quinn Shader)

    Chapter 3 Rewards

      During the story segments in Chapter 3 you will often be given the choice of fighting with Green Arrow or Black Canary. As well as slight differences to the cut-scenes, your choices also impact the rewards at the end of the Chapter. Completing the entire Chapter with Green Arrow rewards items for that character and likewise for Black Canary. To complete the Chapter a second time choose it in the Chapter settings.

      Green Arrow Rewards

      • The Bow That Took Slade’s Eye (Epic Green Arrow)
      • Green Huntsman (Green Arrow Shader)

      Black Canary Rewards

      • Birds Of Prey Locket (Epic Black Canary)
      • Ashes On Sunday (Black Canary Shader)

      Chapter 4 Rewards

      • Silver Age Wings (The Flash Epic)
      • Speedster’s Hope (The Flash Shader)

      Chapter 5 Rewards

      • Gardner’s Lantern Of Pure Will (Green Lantern Epic)
      • Rage (Green Lantern Shader)

      Chapter 6 Rewards

        As with the previous Chapter, Chapter 3, Chapter 5 features two different characters fighting throughout. You can choose to either use Firestorm or Blue Beetle in each of the fights. As before, your choices impacts the cut-scenes you will watch and the rewards you will receive. I had some trouble choosing Firestorm for the final battle, regardless of my choice it gave me Blue Beetle. After completing the rest of the Chapter with Firestorm it worked.

        Blue Beetle Rewards

        • Blue Beetle Scarab (Blue Beetle Epic)
        • Galactic Midnight (Blue Beetle Shader)

        Firestorm Rewards

        • Antiparticle Matrix (Firestorm Epic)
        • Jason’s Choice (Firestorm Shader)

        Chapter 7 Rewards

          As with Chapters 3 and 6, Chapter 7 is another Chapter that features multiple playable characters. You must complete the Chapter using both characters to be able to unlock all of the rewards for both Cyborg and Catwoman.

          Cyborg Rewards

          • Darkseid’s Judgement (Cyborg Epic)
          • Booyah! (Cyborg Shader)

          Catwoman Rewards

          • Whipcrack (Catwoman Epic)
          • Modern Age Debut (Catwoman Shader)

          Chapter 8 Rewards

          • The Blade Breaker (Wonder Woman Epic)
          • Circe (Wonder Woman Shader)

          Chapter 9 Rewards

          • Kryptonian Heritage Shield (Supergirl Epic)
          • Phantom Zone (Supergirl Shader)

          Chapter 10 Rewards

            As with previous Chapters, Chapter 10 is another multi-character Chapter. During this Chapter you will have to choice to battle specific enemies with either Aquaman or Black Adam. Complete the Chapter with both characters to unlock all available rewards.

            Aquaman Rewards

            • Twisted Trident Of Atlantean Descent (Aquaman Epic)
            • Deep Camouflage (Aquaman Shader)

            Black Adam Rewards

            • The Emperor Of Kahndaq’s Free Energy (Black Adam Epic)
            • Shazam’s Wisdom (Black Adam Shader)

            Chapter 11 Rewards

              Two heroes united once more, albeit for a short time only. During Chapter 11 you will get the option during each battle to play as either Superman or Batman. As with previous Chapters, you can choose between the two heroes although there doesn’t appear to be any rewards in this Chapter. I did complete with both characters and although it showed the reward icons in the lower left of the screen, I didn’t actually receive anything for either chapter.

              Chapter 12 Rewards

                The final Chapter. During this Chapter you have to make a choice. Either side with Superman or side with Batman. This choice is made at the start of the Chapter and not only influences the minor cut-scenes, but also changes the ending you get.

                Batman Rewards

                • Mark-11 Cowl (Batman Epic)
                • AK Battle Armor 5U89R (Batman Shader)

                Superman Rewards

                • Seal Of Braniac (Superman Epic)
                • Bizarro’s Worst (Superman Shader)

                Miscellaneous Rewards

                • Braniac As Playable Character

                That about wraps up our Injustice 2 Story Rewards Guide. As always, if there’s anything further we can help with, post a comment below.

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