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Investigate About Vulpix From Alola Region In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Vulpix’s Alola region form is part of this investigation. This guide on Investigate About Vulpix From Alola Region In Pokemon Legends Arceus will walk you through the process so that you have everything you need to complete the investigation and unlock more Pokedex points for Vuplix once it is completed.

A number of Pokemon in Arceus have similar investigations. While the actual investigations themselves are unique, the concept is very similar and unlocking each investigation is the same. You first need to catch the Pokemon required and then ensure you have access to the areas required. For this particular investigation you will need to have caught a Vulpix, unlocked the Alabaster Icelands, and have access to the Snowfields Camp. You may need to complete the story missions on Alabaster Icelands.

Investigate About Vulpix From Alola Region In Pokemon Legends Arceus

You can catch a Vulpix much sooner than you can access Alabaster Icelands so you won’t be able to complete this investigation if you’ve caught a Vulpix before, until you have unlocked the Alabaster Icelands. Once you have, a new Request will appear in town. Head into the Galaxy Hall and into the professors lab. There should be a new investigation on the board, grab Request #83 – Snow-White Vulpix In The Snow.

The Request will tell you to speak with Keaka at the Snowfields Camp in Alabaster Icelands. He will then give you a task of finding 5 alolan Vulpix lost in the snow.

Once you have found all 5 and completed the Request, you will complete the investigation. You also get to keep one of the Alolan Vuplix, neat eh?

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