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Investigate An Old Saying About Nosepass Handiness In Pokemon Legends Arceus

There’s an old wives tale about Nosepass’ nose always facing the same direction. This Investigate An Old Saying About Nosepass Handiness In Pokemon Legends Arceus guide will walk you through completing the investigation for Nosepass so you can be one step closer to filling out its complete entry in the Pokedex.

There are approximately 10-15 Pokemon in Arceus that share these unique investigation challenges. They are entirely optional but they offer interesting insight into the Pokemon at a time when people knew very little about them. They also help toward completing Pokedex entries for those Pokemon. All of the investigations require you to already have the Pokemon in question so before you’re able to complete this investigation, you need to catch a Nosepass.

Investigate An Old Saying About Nosepass Handiness In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Once you have caught your own Nosepass, you will need to progress far enough into the story so that you have access to Coronet Highlands. There will be a Request that appears in the professors lab in Galaxy Hall once you have met all of the requirements for both owning the Pokemon and story progress. You likely need to finish the Coronet Highlands story missions first, and unlock the next area. Then you need to head to Coronet Highlands and speak with Gully at the first camp. Once you deliver the Nosepass to her, you will complete Request #68 – A Nosepass To Guide The Way.

Completing the Request completes the investigation.

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