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Investigate Bidoof That Bother The Village In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Certain Pokedex entries require unique challenges to complete. This guide on Investigate Bidoof That Bother The Village In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you how you can complete the special Pokedex entry for Bidoof as initially it says method unknown, let’s get started.

Bidoof is a very common Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus, in fact they are one of the first Pokemon you encounter when you reach the Obsidian Fieldlands, the first region you get to explore in the game. Whether you catch the Bidoof or not, you will notice, after encountering the Pokemon, that the Pokedex has a unique entry that asks you to investigate Bidoof that are bothering the village.

Investigate Bidoof That Bother The Village In Pokemon Legends Arceus

If you do not catch the Bidoof you will not be able to solve this Pokedex challenge. Catching the Bidoof will unlock Request #8 Bothersome Bidoof. This Request becomes available as soon as you’ve caught your first Bidoof and return to the village. Once in the village you should notice a Request icon on the Galaxy Hall, this represents a new Request is available inside.

Head into the building and you will find that there is a new Request on the board in the Professor’s Office. Head inside, grab the Request, complete the Request and you will complete the challenge on the Pokedex. Be sure to check out our Bothersome Bidoof guide if you can’t find the little scallywags.

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