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Investigate Causes Behind Listless Sudowoodo In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Sudowoodo is another Pokemon with a unique investigation challenge. This Investigate Causes Behind Listless Sudowoodo In Pokemon Legends Arceus guide will tell you everything you need to know to complete this interesting challenge so you’re one step closer to finishing off the Pokedex entry for Sudowoodo.

A number of Pokemon in Arceus have unique Pokedex entries that require you to complete a special investigation to learn more about the specific Pokemon. Sudowoodo is one such Pokemon. Whilst each of the investigations are unique, the process is much in the same. Before the investigation is available you first need to catch the Pokemon in question, Sudowoodo in this case, and then progress far enough into the story so you can access all of the areas required. For this particular investigation, you must have completed the story missions on Crimson Mirelands.

Investigate Causes Behind Listless Sudowoodo In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Once you have a Sudowoodo and have completed the Crimson Mirelands, Request #36 – Watering With Care will be available. You can unlock the Request by visiting the professor in his lab in the Galaxy Hall building. His board in there will have the Request you need. To complete this Request you will need to have a Pokemon that has the ability Water Pulse. It’s not a rare ability. Gyarados, Psyduck, Shellos, Golduck, most water Pokemon will learn it very early.

Bring the Water Gun Pokemon with you to Crimson Mirelands and speak with Odo at the camp. He asks you to use it on Sudowoodo, this lets you learn that it’s not a huge fan of getting soaked. Completing the Request completes the investigation.

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