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Investigate More About How Eevee Evolves In Pokemon Legends Arceus

One of the franchises most beloved Pokemon, Eevee. This guide on Investigate More About How Eevee Evolves In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you everything you need to know to complete Eevee’s unique investigation so you can fill out the Pokedex and complete more Requests.

Eevee is a very unique Pokemon as it can evolve into several forms (check out our guide for all Eevee evolutions in Arceus) so investigating its evolutionary behavior when exploring the first ever Pokedex, quite the fitting task, don’t you think? As with all of the investigation Pokedex challenges in Arceus, you’re required to catch the Pokemon first. So if you want to solve this investigation, make sure you know where to catch an Eeeve. Which is great in Arceus because you can catch one right at the start of the game.

Investigate More About How Eevee Evolves In Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Once you have caught an Eevee you will need to follow the main story for some time before you can progress through the investigation. You first need to complete Complete Request #48 – The Taste Of Home. This Request requires access to Crimson Mirelands and some other areas. Once you have completed that Request, you will unlock Request #52 – Eevees Evolutions. The man will ask you to find Eevee, who can be found as Umbreon in the Galaxy Hall, in the purple room upstairs.

This informs the man of Eevee’s evolution habits and you can also get evolution stone as a reward. This completes the investigation.

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