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Investigate Strategies For Battling With Pachirisu In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pachirisu is another Pokemon with a unique investigation challenge. This guide on Investigate Strategies For Battling With Pachirisu In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you everything you must do to solve this investigation so you can further your efforts at mastering the Pokedex for the new Arceus areas.

Pachirisu is not alone in having an investigation. A number of Pokemon in Arceus have unique challenges that task you with diving deeper into how they behave and interact with the environment. They are entirely optional but most of them are tied to Requests that give good rewards. As with every investigation, before you’re able to complete the investigation, you must first catch the Pokemon related to the investigation. There’s an Alpha Pachirisu you can catch quite easily. Once you have caught a Pachirisu, you will also need to have completed the story quests in Crimson Mirelands.

Investigate Strategies For Battling With Pachirisu In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Once you have those two requirements Request #35 – Battling With Pachirisu will appear in town. You’ll find it inside the professors lab in the Galactic Hall. Once you have the Request you’ll need to travel to Crimson Mirelands and speak with Ren at the camp, he will be marked on the map. He wants you to demonstrate a Pachirisu’s combat abilities. Remove all Pokemon from your party, leaving Pachirisu as your only Pokemon. This is why catching the Alpha one is a good idea as it’s already relatively strong and a high level. You will need to defeat the Pokemon put before you to finish the Request.

Once you have completed the Request, the investigation is complete.

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