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Investigate The Mushroom Growing On Parasect In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Parasect is another Pokemon that requires further investigation. This guide on Investigate The Mushroom Growing On Parasect In Pokemon Legends Arceus breaks down the investigation process so you can complete the Pokedex entry for Parasect that requires a little more than simply battling or catching one over and over again.

Not every Pokemon in Arceus has an investigation challenge tied to their Pokedex, but some do. When you are navigating through your Pokedex, always check the final entry at the bottom of the list for each Pokemon. Some of them have a unique investigation that offers further insight into the nature of each Pokemon. As with every investigation, before you’re able to complete it, you must first catch the Pokemon in question. You can either catch one directly or evolve one from another form. There is an Alpha Parasect you can catch if you want to skip the evolution process.

Investigate The Mushroom Growing On Parasect In Pokemon Legends Arceus

As with all investigation requests, once you have caught the appropriate Pokemon and progressed far enough into the story to access all areas required for the Request, you will find the Request on the board in the professors lab which can be found inside the Galaxy Hall building. This Request, Request #33 – What A Massive Mushroom, is unlocked in the same manner.

This is one of the more simpler investigations because you need a Parasect to start it and need to deliver one to complete it. Speak with Morel in the village, once you have the Request, deliver the Parasect, and complete the investigation.

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