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Investigate The Suspicious Movements Of Mr Mime In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Everyone’s favorite artist, Mr. Mime. This guide on Investigate The Suspicious Movements Of Mr Mime In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you how to complete the unique Pokedex entry for Mr. Mime that tasks you with investigating one exhibiting some odd behavior, is Mr Mime ever not odd?

Throughout your journey in Pokemon Legends Arceus you will encounter a number of Pokemon that have unique Pokedex entries. They share the same as other Pokemon, catching certain numbers or witnessing certain attacks, but the very last entry in their Pokedex also asks you to complete some sort of investigation. With all of these investigations there is always at least the single requirement of owning the Pokemon in question. So for this particular investigation, you need to make sure you have a caught a Mr. Mime. You can also evolve one from Mime Jr. Once you have caught Mr Mime and progressed far enough into the story, you will unlock a new Request.

Investigate The Suspicious Movements Of Mr Mime In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Once you have caught one, Request #21 Back-Alley Mr.Mime appears on the professors request board inside his lab in the Galaxy Hall. This is quite an interesting event because it explores Mr. Mime’s use of Light Screen, something that would appear almost magical to the unsuspecting folk of Jubilife Village.

Once you have the Request you will need to solve some very minor puzzles. Make sure you are tracking the quest and follow the objective markers. Mr Mime will appear at several spots around town surrounded by invisible walls. You’ll have to find the path to reach Mr Mime a few times before completing the Request.

Once the Request is complete, the investigation is also complete.

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