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Investigate What Would Make Blissey Help A Human In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Blissey is another Pokemon with a unique Investigation challenge. This guide on Investigate What Would Make Blissey Help A Human In Pokemon Legends Arceus explains how you can complete this challenge so you can get some easy points for Blissey’s entry in your increasingly populated Pokedex.

You are able to get a Blissey relatively early in your Arceus adventure but the challenge in the Pokedex will not be available to complete for some time. Once you have the Pokedex entry you will see the investigation challenge listed at the bottom of Blissey’s entry, asking you to find out what would make a Blissey help a human. This is related to Request #74 – A Bit Of Help From Blissey

Investigate What Would Make Blissey Help A Human In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Once you have caught a Blissey or evolved into one, this quest will become available IF you have progressed far enough into the story. The request becomes available from the Requests Board in the professors lab inside the Galaxy Hall but if you do not have access to the appropriate region on the map, the Request will remain unavailable. You need to follow the main story until you have access to Alabaster Icelands. From there, it’s a simple matter of getting the Request, tracking it, and following the objectives. You do have to fight an Abomasnow during this Request so be prepared for that.

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