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Investigate Whether Drifloon Truly Plays With Kids In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Drifloon is another Pokemon with a unique investigation challenge. This guide on Investigate Whether Drifloon Truly Plays With Kids In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you how you can complete the investigation as it’s tied to a Request that requires some minor things completed before it is available to do.

There are quite a few Pokemon in Arceus that have unique Pokedex entries. Scanning through the Pokedex, check the final entry in each Pokemon’s Pokedex page. Some of them have an investigation, such as Drifloon, which tasks you with finding out more information on this unique Pokemon. After all, we’re building the very first Pokedex here. This particular investigation is tied directly to Request #7 Playing With Drifloon.

Investigate Whether Drifloon Truly Plays With Kids In Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Thankfully, Request #7 is available very early in the game, as is Drifloon. You can catch him on Obsidian Fieldlands, it’s a very common Pokemon spawn when it’s raining. It’s also a pretty strong Pokemon to have at the start so it’s worth catching. As with all of the investigations, before you’re able to complete the investigation, you first need to catch the Pokemon in question. So if you want to complete this Pokedex entry, make sure you have caught a Drifloon.

Once you have one caught you will see the Request icon in Galaxy Hall. Simply head inside and interact with the professors Request board. You will get the Request. Rest in your room until the evening and then speak with Miki near the South gate. From there, head to Prelude Beach and you’ll find Drifloon playing with a boy behind the hut on the beach. Complete the Request to finish the investigation.

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