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Investigate Zubat’s Knack For Navigating In The Dark In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Zubat is one of the first Pokemon you’ll encounter with an investigation objective. This Investigate Zubat’s Knack For Navigating In The Dark In Pokemon Legends Arceus guide will lead you through the investigation so you know how to complete the entry in the Pokedex and get more points for Zubat.

Does anyone actually like Zubat? Like, ever? I hate this Pokemon. Anyway, on to what matters. Zubat’s final entry in its own Pokedex page is a unique investigation challenge. Several Pokemon in Arceus have similar objectives, tasking you with finding out more about how the Pokemon of these times live and interact with their environment. To complete each of these challenges you need to fulfill the same requirements. You need to catch the Pokemon in question, in this instance it’s Zubat, and also have access to the appropriate regions. This one is simply the Obsidian Fieldlands so you can just grab a Zubat to unlock this investigation.

Investigate Zubat’s Knack For Navigating In The Dark In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Once you have caught a Zubat return to town and a new Request will appear in the Galaxy Hall. Head inside and go into the professors lab and grab Request #9 Zubats Eyes off the board in his room. Once you have the request wait until night time and speak with Clarissa near the farm. It’s a simple Request, she wants you to show her a Zubat.

Show her a Zubat and that will complete the Request which in turn, completes the investigation.

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