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Saints Row IV Guide – Johnny Gat Loyalty Mission Guide

Saints Row IV Guide - Johnny Gat Loyalty Mission Guide

Want Johnny Gat to be your Super Homie in Saints Row IV? Follow Gamers Heroes’ guide for the Johnny Gat Loyalty Mission and you can add this kickass fellow to your crew. Johnny Gat’s Loyalty Mission “Loyalty – SR3 Wrap-Up” will be available once you free him in the story mode. Go to the Quests Menu to begin.

Spend Quality Time With Gat

Meet Johnny Gat at the eastern part of Steelport – Loren Square, at The Broken Shillelagah. Head inside to begin the Genkibowl.

Genkibowl – Round 1

In the first round of the Genkibowl, you will need to get at least 1406 points in 2:45 or less. Keep in mind that you will have no powers during this section.

Take down as many mascots as you can with headshots, taking down snipers and tossing people with triangle into green circles when possible. Make sure to shoot posters for “Ethical” and “Money Shot” to get bonuses, while avoiding “Unethical” posters. Once you reach the goal, make a mad dash for the exit.

Genkibowl – Round 2

Before you begin the second round, run through the hallway as a toilet, avoiding the lightning beams.

Once you’re through, you will have your d-pad superpowers (telekinesis, stomp, etc.) You will need to get at least 1800 points in 3 minutes. Use telekinesis to throw mascots into the water, and watch out for the murderbots. If you’re stuck in a bind, either freeze people and run away, or use your telekinesis to fling one of the giant yarn balls. Once you have enough points, dash to the exit.

Genkibowl – Bonus Round

In the bonus round of the Genkibowl, you will have 3:15 to get at least 1450 points. Watch out for the woman with telekinesis — freeze her when she is just about to throw a giant yarn ball to stop her.

At the end of the round, you will have a boss battle against Phillipe Loren. He has a super jump, telekinesis, and a gun in his arsenal. Johnny Gat is a huge help with his telekinesis ability in this section — freeze Phillipe to help him get ready. Make sure to buff yourself with R2 when firing shots to take down his shield.

Congrats — Gat Time, Fun Time is complete, and Johnny Gat is now your super homie!

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