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Judgment Consecutive Choices Guide

Judgment Consecutive Choices Guide
Certain parts of Judgment require you to choose appropriate conversation choices at the right time. This Judgment Consecutive Choices Guide will tell you what questions to ask during what conversations so you can string together the correct choices for big SP bonuses.

The choices you make during these conversations have very little consequence outside of that actual conversation. However, if you successfully choose the appropriate questions and responses consecutively, you are awarded with bonus SP that is used to unlock new skills and abilities.

Judgment Consecutive Choices Guide

Discussing Hamura Case With Shintani

  • What has Hamura said about it?
  • Why did the police arrest Hamura?

Interview With Hamura At Police Station

  • Arguing With Kume
  • About The Victim
  • About the Alibi

Speaking With The Owner Of Club Amour

  • About the Violence in the Club
  • About the Security camera out the back

Saving Seiya’s Sister, Talking With Thug

  • Where’s The Girl?
  • What’s The Code For The Door?

Speaking In Bar Tender During Chapter 4

  • Why did the Kyorei Clan come to Kamurocho
  • What’s happening in the Matsugane Family right now?
  • How’s Kamurocho been lately?

Inside Club Rouge (playing as Saori)

  • My Name Is Saori
  • Were you asleep
  • Give Mika a sign

Interview With Prosecutors Office

  • Toru Hasiki, the ADDC’s Vice Director
  • Yoji Shono, a Scientist

Entering The Champion District Casino

  • Knock three times
  • Can I talk to the Moon?
  • Chateaubriand, blue

Discussing The AD-9 Case At The Office

  • Ryusuke Kido, Director of the ADDC
  • Six months ago when Hashiki died

Saori Under Cover

  • With Pleasure
  • I want to know more about you
  • Cross your legs
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