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Judgment Eavesdrop On Saito Guide

Judgment Eavesdrop On Saito Guide
During the Amidst A Dream Side Case in Judgment, one particular objective may give you trouble. This Judgment Eavesdrop On Saito Guide will tell you how to complete the objective as the game doesn’t provide any useful information whatsoever. Rest assured however, it’s not bugged.

The Amidst a Dream side case has Tak running around town speaking with an aspiring musician. During the side case you learn that a potential industry promoter has given her an offer, a rather dark and seedy offer that doesn’t seem entirely safe.

Judgment Eavesdrop On Saito Guide

After the rather frustrating scene where you follow Saito, you arrive at the cafe. Here is where you receive the objective to Eavesdrop on Saito. You cannot sit down in the cafe, or order any food and if you get too close, he spots you. So what do you have to do?

Open your inventory and go to Items. Then press R1 until you reach the disguises tab. There, select the Dirty Clothes disguise. Once that is on you can walk in and take a sit right next to the two men, and eavesdrop on Saito without any problems.

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