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Judgment Friends Guide

Judgment Friends Guide
Judgment features a huge cast of characters, many of which you can befriend through Friend Events. This Judgment Friends Guide will tell you how to track down the locations of each of the friends you can discover in the city as well as information on objectives relating to each friend.

When a Friend Event occurs you’ll be tasked with completing an objective. Once completed you will increase your Friendship with that particular character. Once you become friends with a character they can give you special items or join you in fights.

Certain characters you meet will be able to join you in combat using EX Actions or Ex Bonds. If you are in the area of one of these allies and use an EX Action, they may enter the fray and aid you in battle.

Progressing with each friend is different. Some you can reach full friendship after one interaction, others take more effort. If you have spoken to a friend and no further objectives have appeared, try again later. You can usually have a fight on the street and return to activate the next stage. Alternatively, try again later in the story.

In parts where I state a specific food, it most likely works with any food, I listed the one I purchased just to be safe. There is an ability you can purchased, called Bottomless Stomach, that allows you to eat even when full. It’s expensive, at 5,000 points, but it can make many of the friends missions much faster.

Judgment Friends Guide

Friend NameLocationObjectivesReward
TsukumoChapter 1 Story EventPurchase a figure from Ebisu PawnN/A
KaedeQuadra GardenHelp her learn EnglishSpecial dish
Yasuhiro FuruyaPurchase a burger from Wette Kitchen on West Taihei Blvd. The fast food you need to link it with is Help promote a cafe. The fast food you need to link it with is Wild Jackson Tenkaichi StreetYen
Haoyu XiuPurchase Beef Bowl in Akaushimaru Tenkaichi St.Help with the restaurantArt Of Gluttony Skill; Book (Bottomless Stomach Skill)
Dwayne CruisePoppo Tenkaichi St.Spent 7,000 Yen.Poppo Tenkaichi MFLP
Kenta UozumiPurchase a Chef Selection Pudding at Sushi Gin. During choice conversations choose Green Tea, Soy Sauce, and the plates, manSpecial Tuna dish
Alice InoPoppo Showa StSpent 7,000 Yen.Poppo Showa MFLP
Naotaro TeraharaLe Marche, Purchase Tear Drop Earrings then speak with him againFight a YakuzaTailored Suit
Kyushu No.1 Star OwnerKyushu No.1 Star, purchase a Gyoza. Choose HoneyHelp with the restaurantCrushin' Chashu Challenge added to menu
Kiyoshiro AsamurePoppo West Shichifuku St.Spent 7,000 Yen.Poppo W. Shichifuku MFLP
Hiroto Nasugawa Akaushimaru Hotel DistrictBuy a coleslaw salad. His recipe is at the stairs to the entrance to M Side Cafe.Special dish
Kunio IchinoseIkinari Steak Buy a soup. The assistants name is MotomuraN/A
Rie Tomioka
Smile Burger Nakamichi StreetBuy a Smile Shake. Then eat food from your fridge at the officeN/A
Masakazu NekomiyaNakamichi AlleyFind all of his catsYen
Goro MoroboshiChapter 2 Story EventHelp the Doctor find Kondo. Speak with the doc in the sewers to progress afterwards.Heal wounds. Medical shop.
Takeo InoseWild Jackson Tenkaichi StreetBuy a Wild Fried Chicken. You also need to complete Wette Kitchen on West Taihei Blvd.Yen
Hanae IdaSmile Burger NW Theater Square. Buy a smile friesSpecial dish
Kazuhisa NorimotoCafe MijoreSpeak to the employeeSecret Menu At Mijore
Miharu ShimaCafe Mijore (After speaking with Kazuhisa)Speak to the employeeN/A
Sota NonomuraPoppo East Shichifuku StreetSpent 7,000 Yen.Poppo E. Shichifuku MFLP
Fumio MatsuzakiKanrai (Host Hangout). Purchase a Grilled Garlic, fight and then return. Answer, Small Intestine, Stomach, FlankKalbi Special Dish
Yosuke SaotomeInside Mens Entertainment Box on Shichifuku Street. Near end of Chapter 2Must complete friend events for Ryan Acosta, Kenji Tanago, Ryo Suzaki, Tashiro-kunN/A
Ryan AcostaNear KJ Art. Chapter 3.Find him around town. 2nd encounter, play darts.Ryan will aid you in random fights
Shinzato MadokaTenkaichi Street, Apple Pie. Must have done Yosuke Saotome.Raise your Alcohol Tolerance to max in Abilities. Complete Yosuke Saotome friend event.N/A
Mami SakumaM Side Cafe inside Kamuro TheaterOrder the entire menuMega Fruit Tart Menu Option
Toshikazu SagaraCafe Alps Nakamichi StreetComplete coffee challenge. Blue Mountain, Mocha, Java, second cupKopi Luwak Coffee Menu Item
Bantam OwnerBantam, after you complete Side Case Honey Trap.Choose Customers that leave the order up to you. Choose original from another barUltimate Dewdrop special menu item
Noburu HiranumaShellac in Champion District, must have completed Honey Trap, Interview with a Detective side casesTake pictures. The final one, crow, go to Kamuro Theater roof first.100,000 Yen,
Shuichi Hatano Batting Center. He appeared after I completed the Homerun challenge.Buy his batter gloves then complete King of Kamurocho and Titan of Tokyo Batting challenges.Batting Gloves & Golden Bat
Kazufumi KamaguchiOutside Lullaby Mahjong on Tenkaichi St, near end of Chapter 4.Defeat enemy bosses in Kamurocho when Threat is high200,000 Yen
Morio OnoderaChapter 5, SewersBuy 3 individual items from him. Buy one, close shop, buy again. RepeatSP. Access to special shop
The Hermit Of Dragons Palace, Iyama Chapter 5 story eventComplete his scavenger huntN/A
Shin FujimoriChapter 6 story eventSuccessfully fund one Quickstarter projectN/A
Noboru TateyamaAfter you meet Shin Fujimori, on Showa Street.Complete investment in G.A LabsN/A
Toshiro Koizuka Chapter 6, outside your office when you meet Rie TomiokaComplete lockpicking jobs for ToshiroN/A
Kenji Tanago Chapter 6, 30 reputation required. At Shichifuku Parking LotPick up the cone and use the EX action. For the second stage, run and do the jump over EX action.He joins you in random fights
Takumi Katagiri Inside Shellac, Must have completed all Master Writer side casesShare past cases with him. Must have completed Bomber cases, The Ghost Tenant, Sashimi Of The Fallen, Secret Of Cats, The Pervert King, Burger Fugitive, The Fire Calamity & The Ono Michio BanditN/A
Hideaki DeguchiChapter 7, must have completed Reckless AspirationsPlay the mini-event. When you need to find the child, he's outside CLUB SEGA.N/A
Takemitsu OwnerChapter 7, when Saori is in Club Rouge.Defend the store from Yakuza thugsN/A
Kim Won-SoonChapter 8 in Beef ZoneChoose Family Special. Adding Desserts. Free Rice Refills.Discount at Beef Zone
Yurika TachibanaPlay Mahjong at Modern Mahjong. I did it during Chapter 8.You may need to win a game to progress with Yurika.N/A
Voluptuous WomanChapter 9, after you meet the her during the story. In L'AmantWin a hand at Poker. twice.Royal Joker Card
Sebastian HuttonComplete the Grand Prix Beginner League in Drone RacingComplete the drone code photographs. There's around 50 of these. There's a skill to help locate them.N/A
YoshidaComplete all homerun and challenge coursesComplete the new courses unlocked (Speak to Yoshida to start them)N/A
Ebisu Pawn Owner, Fukutsu Sell a Suzuran Painting at Ebisu PawnSell all 5 Fuka Shiranui paintings to Ebisu PawnN/A
MariBar Tender, Chapter 10 Story Event.Choose Two. Next event, invite Tsukumo.N/A
Sakura AmamiyaChapter 10, before you enter the white van with Jester. Pink Street.Call her while in your office.N/A
Ryo SuzakiEarth Angel during Chapter 11Max your alcohol tolerance and beat him at drinking.Joins random fights around the city
Tashiro-kunChapter 12, West Shichifuku StreetHelp him twiceN/A
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