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Judgment Side Case Guide

Judgment Side Case Guide
Aside from main story missions and mini-games, Judgment has a ton of other side content including Cases. This Judgment Side Case Guide will list all of the different Side Cases we’ve discovered in the game including information on where they start and any rewards you receive.

Side Cases are optional missions that you can complete for extra insight into the world, more friend opportunities and some great rewards. It’s also a really good source of Yen, if you find yourself running out. Most of the Side Cases are optional, bar a few, and can be found after reaching certain parts of the story and in some cases, reaching a certain level of City Reputation.

There are four main methods of discovering Side Cases. You will find them at Yagami’s Detective Agency, the Genda Law Office, and Bar Tender. Finally, some of the Side Cases are scattered throughout the city itself.

Kamurocho Side Case Guide

All Side Cases in Kamurocho In Judgment

NumberSide CaseRequirementsRewards
1The Bird Takes FlightChapter 2 Story EventN/A
2The Mad Bomber StrikesChapter 2 Near EbisuN/A
3Amidst A DreamStart Of Chapter 3Yen
4Gone With The BreezeStart Of Chapter 3Yen
5A VR Pair Of DiceChapter 3 Story EventUnlock VR
6EntrapmentChapter 4 start. Champion DistrictYen
7The Mad Bomber Strikes AgainChapter 4 start, near Theater SquareYen
8Justice Is SweetChapter 4 story event50,000 Yen
9Master And PupilChapter 4 Story eventYen
10The Missing DiamondThis Side Case unlocks during another side case, Sashimi Of The Fallen.20,000 Yen
11The Socialites SecretChapter 4 story event90,000 Yen
12The Black CalamityStart of Chapter 5, Senryo Avenue.15,000 Yen
13Gone With The GustStart of Chapter 5 on Park Blvd.50,000 Yen
14Return Of The Mad BomberStart of Chapter 6Yen
15PartnersChapter 6 story eventYen
16Smart WatchingStart of Chapter 7. Near East Showa StYen
17Gone With The GaleStart of Chapter 7, must have completed Gone With The GustYen
18The Black And White CalamityStart of Chapter 7, must have completed The Black Calamity15,000 Yen
19Captain CopChapter 7 Story EventYen
20The Pervert KingStart of Chapter 8 in Tenkaichi Alley. Must have completed The Twisted Trio Panty Professor50,000 Yen, 200 SP
21Burger FugitiveStart of Chapter 8, Taihei Blvd1,200,000 Yen, 100 SP
22Worst Birthday EverStart of Chapter 8, Kanrai 80,000 Yen
23The Fire CalamityStart of Chapter 9 on Senryo Ave. Must have completed The Black And White Calamity15,000 Yen
24Gone In 20 MinutesDuring Chapter 10, before you enter the white van with Jester, at the Yagami Detective Agency. Must have completed Gone With The Gale and The Ghost Tenant.80,000
25The Ono Michio BanditChapter 11, at Theater Square120,000 Yen, 120 SP
26Love And MadnessChapter 12, toward th end. Enter Bar Tender and you'll find a woman talking to the barkeep.Yen
The Bird Takes Flight
The Mad Bomber Strikes
Amidst A Dream
Gone With The Breeze
A VR Pair Of Dice
The Mad Bomber Strikes Again
Justice Is Sweet
Circle Of Law
The Missing Diamond
The Socialites Secret
The Black Calamity
Gone With The Gust
Return Of The Mad Bomber
Smart Watching
Gone With The Gale
The Black And White Calamity
Captain Cop
The Pervert King
Burger Fugitive
Worst Birthday Ever
The Fire Calamity
Gone In 20 Minutes
The Ono Michio Bandit
Love And Madness

Yagami’s Detective Agency Side Case Guide

Yagami's Detective Agency Side Case Guide

Side CaseRequirementsRewards
The Twisted Trio Panty ProfessorChapter 250,000 Yen
The Mystery Writers StratagemChapter 2180,000 Yen
Queen Of HeartsChapter 2100,000 Yen
Tiger JacketChapter 250,000 Yen
The Mystery Writers GambitChapter 2. Mystery Writers Stratagem.210,000 Yen
The Twisted Trio: Twisted GroperChapter 2. The Twisted Trio Panty Professor.50,000 Yen
The Twisted Trio: Twisted JudgeChapter 3, towards the end50,000 Yen
The Mystery Writers Master StrokeChapter 6, 30 Reputation380,000 Yen, 100 SP
Dangerous Hide-And-SeekChapter 6, 30 Reputation80,000 Yen
Perilous Hide And SeekChapter 7, must have completed Dangerous Hide-And-Seek. 35+ Reputation100,000 Yen
????Complete all cases. Defeat Keihin Leaders. Reputation level 50.????
Treacherous Hide-And-SeekCleared Perilous Hide And Seek. Reputation level 45+120,000 Yen
????Clear 49 Side Cases. Reputation 50.????
The Twisted Trio Panty Professor
Queen Of Hearts
The Mystery Writers Stratagem
The Mystery Writers Gambit
The Twisted Trio: Ass Catchem
Tiger Jacket
Twisted Judge
The Mystery Writers Master Stroke
Dangerous Hide-And-Seek
Perilous Hide And Seek
Treacherous Hide-And-Seek

Genda Law Office Side Case Guide

Side CaseRequirementsRewards
The Darkest PlaceChapter 2 Story Event80,000 Yen
The Ghost TenantChapter 280,000 Yen
The Devil WifeToward end of Chapter 380,000 Yen
Reckless AspirationsReputation 30+120,000 Yen, 100 SP
Way Of The DetectiveReputation 40+. Near end of Chapter 1280,000 Yen, 150 SP
The Darkest Place
The Ghost Tenant
The Devil Wife
Reckless Aspirations
Way Of The Detective

Bar Tender Side Case Guide

Bar Tender Side Case Guide
Side CaseRequirementsRewards
Underneath The MaskChapter 3 Story Event50,000 Yen, 100 SP
Interview With A DetectiveChapter 3, complete Underneath the mask140,000 Yen, 100 SP
Honey TrapChapter 3, complete Underneath the mask150,000 Yen, 100 SP
Secret Of CatsChapter 3, complete Underneath the mask400,000 Yen, 100 SP
Under The Table PoliticsBefriend Hiranuma (Complete Honey Trap too), Reputation 35+150,000 Yen, 100 SP
Morale And MoralsReputation 45+80,000 Yen, 150 SP
Sashimi Of The FallenChapter 3 onward. Reputation 25+80,000 Yen, 100 SP
Underneath The Mask
Interview With A Detective
Honey Trap
Secret Of Cats
Sashimi Of The Fallen
Under The Table Politics
Morale And Morals

That wraps up our Judgment Side Case Guide. Any questions? Post a comment below.

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