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Judgment Threat Level & Keihin Gang Leaders Guide

Judgment Threat Level & Keihin Gang Leaders Guide
How to increase the threat level and how to find the Keihin Gang leaders, these questions and more answered in our Judgment Threat Level & Keihin Gang Leaders Guide. Once you reach a certain point in the story Kamurocho comes under siege from the dreaded Keihin Gang.

When the Threat Level appears on the screen the Keihin Gang will show up around town in large numbers. Sometimes they will also have their leaders patrolling the streets. These leaders are tough battles but they are required for some Side Cases and have some good rewards.

Judgment Threat Level & Keihin Gang Leaders Guide

The Threat Level always seems to start at 100%. You cause the threat level to increase or appear by defeating Keihin Gang members around town. Certain parts of the story also incur the threat level meter but for the most part, you want to hunt down Keihin Gang members to make the threat level appears.

Once it appears, simply check your map. You will see large icons of the gang leaders if they are around town. From there, simply head to the markers and defeat them in combat.

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