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Jurassic World Evolution 2 How To Ensure Allosaurus Is Safely Enclosed

During the 2nd mission in Washington, a bug can stop you progressing. This Jurassic World Evolution 2 How To Ensure Allosaurus Is Safely Enclosed guide will tell you how you can complete this objective if you have already healed the dinosaurs injuries but the progress bar for the objective is not progressing.

This mission can be a bit wild because the random nature of the game collides with the structured narrative of the campaign, sometimes giving you challenges that you cannot overcome yet. Whilst doing this mission two of my dinosaurs got a disease, one I was unable to cure during this mission. The Allosaurus also got a disease, which is originally what I thought was the cause of me not completing the mission but in fact, it’s to do with some of the fencing that was placed in the area before you arrived.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 How To Ensure Allosaurus Is Safely Enclosed

If you have already healed the dinosaurs injury but the bar under the “Ensure Allosaurus Is Safely Enclosed” objective in the lower right corner is still grayed out, it means you have not enclosed the Allosaurus correctly or, more accurately, it’s a bug. As you can see from the image above, I combined several of the enclosures that were already present when you arrived at this park. I removed some of the interior fences and built a large, single fence around the parameter. If you check the park view Triangle/Y, you can double check your fences are connected. If they are connected, you are likely bugged, like I was.

Don’t worry, simply build a new enclosure or use one of the already square enclosures opposite. Doesn’t need to be huge, just enough for it to fit in. Don’t worry about the comfort level. Drop the Allosaurus into a new pen and the meter should immediately start increasing once it wakes up. Once the bar is full, simply swap it to the original pen that you build for the Allosaurus.

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