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Jurassic World Evolution Entertainment Contracts Guide

Jurassic World Evolution Entertainment Contracts Guide
Entertainment Contracts earn you a lot of money in the game. This Jurassic World Evolution Entertainment Contracts Guide will explain the basics of many of the objectives you get with the Entertainment Contracts including the potential rewards you receive for completing them.

Entertainment Contractsare one of the best ways of earning money as they unlock more revenue buildings that you can add to your park. They also Below is a list of objectives you will encounter in Entertainment Contracts as well as the rewards you unlock.

Jurassic World Evolution Entertainment Contracts Guide

Perform A Successful Expedition To Dinosaur Park Formation
Simply check the Expedition map and locate the area with the exact matching formation name.

A Commercial Park
Acquire 50% Genome of a Ceratosaurus. Create one and then plant a live bait feeder.

Increase Your Island Rating
Increasing your Island Rating is just something that happens over time. Keep increasing your profit margins, adding new dinosaurs and avoiding any catastrophes.

Digging Up The Past
Use an Expedition to unearth a fossil belonging to the dinosaur listed, Crichtonsaurus for example.

Dangerous Models
Use the Ranger Team to take a photograph of a dinosaur hunting. Use a Live Bait feeder.

Birthing A Miracle
Successfully incubate the requested dinosaurs

Time For An Upgrade
Research upgrade for Ranger Station Team Scheduling

Greater Guests
Sustain a total of X guests in your park over X minutes

Entertainment Contract Rewards

  • Savannah (Dinosaur Cosmetic)
  • Restaurant
  • Intuitive Learning
  • Innovation center
  • Toy Shop
  • Research Speed
  • Styracosaurus
  • Steppe Dinosaur Cosmetic
  • Research Cost Down
  • Arcade
  • Cosmetic Enhancements
  • Gyrosphere Station
  • Bar
  • Kentrosaurus Genome
  • Wetland Cosmetic

We are updating this Jurassic World Evolution Entertainment Contracts Guide as we progress through the game.

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