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Jurassic World Evolution Security Contracts Guide

Jurassic World Evolution Security Contracts Guide
Security Contracts are vital for the safety of your park. this Jurassic World Evolution Security Contracts Guide explains the basics for some of the different objectives you will receive from the Security Division if you take upon their contracts.

Security Contracts are worth a good amount of money and they can also reward you with various things that can help improve the security of your park and individual dinosaurs with improvements to attack and defensive abilities, among other improvements.

Jurassic World Evolution Security Contracts Guide

Digging Up The Past
Use the Expedition Centre to send a team to find Carnivore fossils. They are marked by the red meat icon

Security Protocols
Acquire 50% Genome of specific dinosaurs

Dinosaur Dig Up
Using Expeditions, find fossils that match his requirements.

Dangerous Models
Take a photograph of a specific number of dinosaurs

If You Built It
Build an Emergency Shelter and ensure it is connected with path and power.

Staying In Power
Avoid any power outages for 10 minutes

Sell, Sell, Sell
Use the transport team at the ACU building to collect and sell a dinosaur

Keeping Guests Safe
Ensure there are less than X casualties at the park over the next X minutes

Combat Training
Assist any dinosaur to 2 dinosaur combat victories

Sell Dinosaur
Tranquilize and sell X of X dinosaur

Release A Dinosaur With X Modification
Research the modification and then culture a dinosaur with the genome modification equipped.

Security Contract Rewards

  • Storm Defense Station
  • Tooth Hardiness
  • Skin Toughness
  • Security Center
  • Dig Speed Increase
  • Electrified Heavy Steel
  • Medium Power Station
  • ACU Accuracy
  • Ranger Accuracy 2.0
  • Archaeornithomimus genome
  • Gigantosaurus Genome
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