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How To Kill War Elephants In Assassins Creed Origins

How To Kill War Elephants In Assassins Creed Origins
Want to kill War Elephants. This guide will tell you How To Kill War Elephants In Assassins Creed Origins so you can take down some of Egypt’s most dangerous creatures and get the free ability points to boot. Loading screen prompts throughout Assassin’s Creed Origins speak of deadly War Elephants, animals among the toughest in all the lands. Well, until you arrived.

If you’re looking for where they are, check out our Assassins Creed Origins War Elephant Location guide. Once you’ve picked your target there’s a few basic tips and tricks you can use to increase your chances of victory.

Powerful Bow
Elephants lack range, imagine that huh? Other than a bit of a threat from the soldiers atop, you are pretty safe from a distance. To maximize your damage potential throughout the fight you want to make sure you bring the most powerful bow possible. Check out our Legendary weapons guide for some choices.

Master The Dodge
Blocking a War Elephant is, well, generally a bad idea. You want to get used to dodging every attack. They do a tusk swipe that can be a little misleading. As it pulls it’s head one side and thrusts the other. The initial movement will not damage you so wait for the actual attack thrust to dodge. Dodge towards the elephant where possible to get in a few attacks from the rear.

Adrenaline Fueled
You Charge Attack is critical in these battles. Being able to launch a charge attack for nearly 10,000 damage can be a fantastic way of whittling down the enemy quickly. Bring melee weapons that have perks on them to aid with Adrenaline. We’ve got a list of perks available in our AC Origins weapon perks guide.

Charge the Charge
War Elephant’s do a charge attack. They dip their head down and run straight at you. It’s a very narrow path attack so you only have to be a step or two to the side. At the end of this attack they are stunned for a couple of seconds. This is the perfect time to build up your Adrenaline and release your Charge attack.

Still struggling? Post a comment below and we’ll help you out.

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  1. I have tried several times to defeat these things and to no avail. They just can’t be killed. I think it’s bullcrap that they have a few bad guys riding them taking shots at you as well. Kind of makes it unfair. Especially when they triple charge you and you’re ducking out of the way but on their second charge they impale you. Stupid on the part of Ubisoft to have these things so darn hard. It’s ridiculous!

    1. I know what you mean, i found it hard too first. But the first attack wont damage you, dodge the second one. Stop crying and keep trying. I love that it is a challenge and not a gift.

      1. The difficulty adjusts the more time you fail. Unless you did it in one go, buddy, then it wasn’t a challenge.

    2. I just beat one on my second try. It takes some time and having the right skill trees mastered certainly helped… But I wouldnt say “can’t” be killed.

  2. I beat 2 of them with no problem and now I’m trying to beat the one at suras and grand til I get down to about 1/3 or 1/4 of it health and then bullshit happens. The god damn elephant never stops charging and the guy on top won’t stop throwing arrows or whatever they are(which are near impossible to dodge). It’s near impossible to beat it.

  3. The elephants aren’t my problem its the arrows that never miss when they do 2 waves of the arrows you can’t dodge fast enough why couldn’t Ubisoft just left the dodge as a roll

    1. Because you dont dodge the arrows but you block them with shield, get the arrows back that get stuck and shoot them back, dodge attack and hit him with sword. Easy piecie..

  4. In a game full of awful, the elephant fights are among the worst gameplay experiences I’ve ever had. I thought Unity was bad; this franchise is ruined.

    1. Ruined…. Ahahaha, this game brought the franchise back from the dead. It’s amazing and everyone agrees. Such an amazing game is bound to have a few flaws, still the best assassins creed in half a decade.

      1. “Everyone agrees” is not an argument. “Popular” doesn’t mean “right.” See my criticisms above for the truth about this game.

    2. You have no valid reason to bag this game out mate…im 55 hours on 67% completed trials of the gods anubis completed and can say this really has pulled the game out of the slump it has been in

      1. Here are my reasons:
        1. Graphically, the game is a huge step backwards. Nowhere near as good as Untiy.
        2. Stealth. You just run up behind people and stab’em. No need to sneak or crouch. Also, there’s no cover or “wall-hugging” mode.
        3. The “return” of Secret Locations. The developers said they were bringing back the Secret Locations that were introduced in AC2. They were indoor, linear, platforming side-quests that were a throwback to the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time trilogy. Here they come in the form of crawling through pyramid tunnels like the Boston or New York Underground segments from AC3… Remember how nobody liked those?
        4. Finally, the combat is stiff and boring; none of the flare of, say, AC Brotherhood. Some say it’s more difficult (which supposedly means “better”), but it’s not more difficult in a legitimate way. 99.9% of fights can be won by mashing weak-attack. If a guy has a shield, press strong-attack once, then mash weak-attack again. If you’ve got a Health on Hit weapon you’re guaranteed a win. If you fight 2 of the same enemy type, one level 32, the other level 12, they have all the same moves and attacks. 32 is not more skilled than 12, he just has more hit-points. The difficult isn’t based on skill, it’s based on math.

        1. are u on fucking crack…the graphics are fucking amazing…u sound like a sony pony who is pissed cuz we actually get this game in 4k on xbox one x…and u also sound like a fucking whiner…u are literally picking apart everything about the game…this assassins creed is better than ANY that have come before it…heres some friendly advice…if u dont like video games then just DONT PLAY THEM lol

          1. Calm down, child, calm down. Don’t cry just because someone doesn’t like something that you do. Be more mature. And stop your fanboy bullshit. I’ll game on any platform.

            “the graphics are fucking amazing” I played this maxed out on pc… the graphics are good… but not as good as Unity.

            “u are literally picking apart everything about the game…” Yes, and it was very easy to do so. I was challenged to give reasons to “bag this game out” and I did. You can be upset if you want to, but you didn’t refute any of my points cuz you can’t.

            “this assassins creed is better than ANY that have come before it” Which one of us is on crack? Every other AC (even garbage Unity, Black Flag and Syndicate) is better than this one. You’re telling me Origins is better than AC2 or Brotherhood…?

            “if u dont like video games then just DONT PLAY THEM” Been playing them for 30+ years. Not gonna stop now just cuz some teenager disagrees with me…

          2. im not a teenager you fucking loser im older than you are and have been gaming longer than you have…i also play on any platform but u sound just like the sony ponys who tore this game apart just because it looked better on the xbox one x…u sound like a lil crybaby bitch for real though…all the time this company put into fixing all the other little annoying things from the other creed games and then making them better in origins and u just tear apart everything…i hate people like you who make games look bad with your bullshit whining antics when they really arent…if u dont have something positive to say then why bother spewing out negativity about something u dont even like…u come on a forum to tear a game apart that u dont like so your the one who sounds like a fucking child…if u dont like it then like i said dont fucking play it…and no one cares that you play on PC you must have messed up eyesight cuz this game looks a million times better than fucking unity…its in 4k and has HDR which unity didnt have so i did REFUTE my point that you are just a crybaby point blank period

        2. You cool if I address each of these one at a time? Aight, cool.

          1. Unity was a disaster of a game because of the immense amount of time and money spent on looks over actual content. Chances are no Assassins Creed game will compare with Unity for quite a while, because we’ve seen time and again that the games that don’t look that great – see the minimal graphical improvements between Assassins Creed 1 through to Brotherhood – tend to have the better stories and playability. You’re right, but not for the right reason.

          2. I felt fairly similarly until I realised just how much there is going on that benefits you being stealthy. The bushes, multiple perks, guards generally being stationary or on set routes, etc. It’s less that there’s no need to, and more that it became an ambient thing, which… Eh? It’s explained away as a story aspect, which I like, but I do miss the core stealth aspects of the original games. Then again, Unity made it almost impossible to get through, so maybe it’s a good thing. The absence of the cover systems that were introduced in previous titles is a mystery, especially considering there are still cover assassinations.

          3. The Secret Locations in Origins are a mixture of pretty much every style of ‘secret area’ from previous games. The biggest issue that the Boston Underground had was that it felt near endless and was utterly confusing, and in the end wasn’t actually a benefit to anyone using it. These locations use a similar exploration system of the Boston Underground, but on a smaller scale. It also feels like, again, they sacrificed some retro gameplay style in exchange for story and world building – every pyramid had a myriad of readable entires instead, which could be taken as a good or bad thing. It’s up to the player at that point.

          4. The combat is substantially better than the simplistic ‘block, counter, kill’ method from the past. Was the past a fun flurry of moves? Yes, for sure, but it just made combat tedious. Though the combat in this game sure isn’t prefect, it’s a clear step in the right direction, taking many cues from For Honour. Problem with that, of course, is that For Honour relied on PvP, rather than AI. Hopefully, future instalments will keep the system introduced in Origins, with fitting tie ins from previous systems – a vaster array of enemy types and a levelling AI would be the best bet, of course.

          In the end, you’re cool to have these opinions, but to say that Origins has killed the franchise is fundamentally wrong. After the travesty of Unity and the disappointment that was everything from Assassins Creed 3 through to Syndicate, the series needed something that wasn’t stellar, wasn’t over the top, but felt more grounded and interesting, and this was certainly that. Yeah, something being popular doesn’t mean it’s good, but it sure as shit means it hasn’t killed the franchise.

  5. I love this game. It’s one of maybe 5 games I’ve gone 100 to 300 hours on and then [will] replay. Love it. Just beat my first elephant after … 12 to 20 attempts. Sure… it’s an “accomplishment” and a “challenge.”

    But here’s the thing – it’s wrong. The elephant disappears when you are under it – so you don’t know what or where you are hitting. The two guys on top of the elephant can’t be dealt with – and magically hit you, even when you are under the elephant. The elephant can start out as much of a challenge as developers wish – but it should not continue to get more challenging as you get closer to killing it – sure, adrenaline might kick in but by the end the elephant has lost…. 10 gallons of blood… and should be weaker.

    Back to those guys on top of the elephant. If Ubi wanted it that way – then they should have put in some boulders/blocks for us to climb up – to deal with the drivers. You can squish me with an elephant all you want but I’ll dang sure take your eye out with a slingshot before I get mummified. Developers can sometimes get mixed up/backwards/in a rush when coming up with “challenges.”

    But like I said – amazing game – love it – if the next elephant keeps me from 100% I don’t really care.

    Tips to future readers: I used a bow on the elephant to build adrenaline and then chopped it a few times. Repeat. Take your time. It’s all timing. Avoiding it and waiting for an arrow shot or 3 gives you time to build back up any needed health, too. Run around, pick up arrows – wait for the elephant to charge – dodge again – chop chop again, run away, bow, repeat.

  6. Easiest method I’ve come across is to equip the storm blades, the sarissa spear and amenhotep’s bow. I used this method for all of the elephant fights. Keep in mind that the curse effect on the spear caps your life at 33% however if done correctly you should be fine. Firstly equip the storm blades so that your overpower attack bar begins to fill. While it is filling utilize your bow be sure to fire as quickly as you can. Once the bar fills quickly switch over to your spear. If you were firing accurately and quickly enough you will notice a multiplier right above you life bar. If you get the multiplier anywhere from 1.75 to 2.05 your over power attack will reduce the elephant’s life bar by more than half. Be sure to dodge and rinse and repeat. I beat all five elephants utilizing this method. As far as the guys riding the elephants just be sure to remember to block utilizing your equipped shield or blades.

  7. I get him down to 1/3 health and i haven’t lost any health. All health i lose regenerates before i lose anything substantial. Once he is down to 1/3 health he turns into an impossible enemy. No amount of dodging can avoid the attacks and the guy above is able to hit you with arrow through the damn elephant while your beneath the thing. I lose ALL my health in an instant and die. I’ve beaten every other aspect of the game and this damn elephant is the only thing left i need to beat for the platinum trophy. I’ve tried ranged attacks with arrows, close attacks. Literally nothing works. I’m fully upgraded on everything, and i am great at dodging evidenced by my ability to avoid damage that entire time i am fighting this elephant until he is at around 1/3 health and then nothing i do works. I know games aren’t supposed to be easy, but come on. This is ridiculous

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