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King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Throne Choice Guide

King Arthur: Knight's Tale Throne Choice Guide
After a brief introduction, you’re given your first choice on how to take your throne. This King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Throne Choice Guide breaks down the initial outcome of both choices, so you can choose whichever decision best suits your play style and desired outcome.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is in very early access. There’s likely to be much deeper consequences for your choices later down the line. However, for now, we’ve highlight the outcomes depending on which of the two choices you decide to make.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Throne Choice Guide

Once you have cleared the initial dungeon in Camelot, Sir Mordred and Sir Kay defeat the guards defending the throne. Sir Kay then gives Sir Mordred a choice. The battle is over, the keep is won, now make your choice on how you want to lead Camelot.

If you choose “I have decided. This is my thrown room now, and with my band of selected knights I will fulfill my destiny
When you encounter Sir Balan, he has already heard of your desire to take over King Arthur’s place in Camelot and he suggests you track down his brother, Sir Balin, as he would be a perfect fit for your “dark court”. Sir Mordred takes a tyrannical approach to dialogue, saving the village purely to put them to work on restoring Camelot.

This choice earns you Tyrant +1.

If you choose “I have been chosen by the Lady of the Lake as the protector of Camelot. I will not take this throne
If you make this decision, Sir Balan responds to you more positively. Each of the characters in the game have their own morality, their own allegiance to a certain course or path of actions. It’s likely the decisions you make have minimal effect in Early Access, but will definitely play a role much later.

This choice earns you Rightful +1.

That is the brunt of the choices and consequences in the game, they directly influence the Morality system. If you check the Morality menu from the world map, you can see your current standing, as well as the effects and benefits of going down each of the routes. You can also check recent events that impacted the Morality system.

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