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King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Traits List & Guide

There are a lot of different traits, both negative and positive, in the game. This King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Traits List & Guide lists all of the different traits we have discovered in the game including information on what benefits they provide or what their negative effects are.

We did not test for every single character but we tested for many. When a character joins your party they will have their own stats, abilities, class, and Traits. These Traits appear to be fixed. So there’s no point in restarting missions to try and cycle through different Traits for Heroes, they appear to be set prior to recruitment.

Don’t worry too much about the negative ones. You can remove negative traits in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, so if one or two are particularly troublesome, there is a solution.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale List Of Traits

Trait NameTrait Effect
Fast MetabolismRegain 20% Vitality after missions
VeteranWhen appointed as Master of Arms at Training Ground, grants every hero 1% Mission XP after every mission. Increases by 1% every 2 levels
TalentedActive skills cost only 1 Skill point to learn
Ambitious+50% Loyalty from court titles
Bone SetterWhile appointed as Hospitaller in the Hospice, increases HP recovered by resting by 4%. Increases 2% per level
Covenant+1 Loyalty for every other Christian Hero on the Round Table
BelovedHealing Injuries costs 50% less gold
Potion BrewerWhile appointed as Hospitaller in the Hospice, increases healing done by potions by 4%. Increases 2% per level
RaiderIncreases gold found by 10%
Defender of the Bridge+100% Loyalty from court title Defender of the Bridge
ProgressiveIncreases XP earned by 10%
Fellowship+1 Loyalty after every other Rightful Hero in your Round Table
Mysticist+1 Spellcraft
Contacts+100 Gold after every mission where the Hero didn't participate
ArtificerWhile appointed as Master of Magic in the Enchanted Tower, grants 20 Relic Dust per mission
Sixth Sense+1 Perception
Coin CounterWhile appointed as Coin Chandler at Merchant, increases gold rewards for each mission by 1%. Increases by 1% every 5 levels.
Fast LearnerGains XP 50% faster at Training Grounds
ArmoursmithWhen Court Chandler at Merchant, increases amount of Armor restored when resting by 6%. Increases by 2% per level
LostImmune to Poison and Bleeding damage
Allegiance+6 Loyalty
ToughInjuries require 1 less round to heal
Armor TinkerWhen resting, recovers additional 20% of their maximum armor
DrillmasterWhen appointed as Man At Arms in Training Ground, increases Heroes physical debuff resist by 1%
Loyal+3 Loyalty
Tyranny+1 Loyalty after every other Tyrant Hero in the Round Table
Tax CollectorWhile appointed as Grand Maser at the Round Table, grants 60 Gold after each mission
Healthful+20% Vitality from Accessories & Trinkets
TradesmanWhile appointed as Court Chandler at the Merchant, increases number of items offered by the Merchant by 1, increases by 1 every 10 levels
VirtuousWhile appointed as Grand Master in Round Table, gives all Rightful Heroes +1 Loyalty
RelaxedHeals an additional 20% when resting
TutorWhen appointed as Master of Arms of the Training Ground, increases all Heroes mental debuff resist by 4%
Guardian of the Dead+1 Loyalty after each Hero in the Crypt
Psalm SingerWhen appointed Master of Faith in the Cathedral, grants +1 Loyalty for every Christian Hero.
Thankful+1 Loyalty for each equipped Relic
Strong-Minded+20 Mental debuff resist
SkilledHero gets +1 Skill Point every 5 levels
Wise+10% XP if no Vitality was lost during a mission
Ascetic+10% XP if loses no Vitality in a mission
BolstererWhen appointed as Master of Faith in Cathedral, grants 2 Temp HP to Heroes at start of each mission
PopularHealing Vitality at Hospice costs 50% less
Agile+1 Movement AP
ProgressiveEarns 10% more XP
SacrificerWhile appointed as Master of Magic in Enchanted Tower, grants an additional 2 Loyalty for all Old Faith Heroes
Grateful+2 Loyalty if this Heroes equipment is all Relic
Miracle HealerWhen appointed as Hospitaller in the Hospice, heals each Hero for 4% Vitality at the end of each Mission

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale List Of Negative Traits

Trait NameTrait Effect
Stubborn-1 Loyalty when entering missions without full Vitality
SoftInjuries take 1 more round to heal
Mission-ConsciousNo Loyalty from Court Titles
Baptized-1 Loyalty if an Old Faith decision is made during missions
UnpopularHealing Vitality at the Hospice costs 100% more for this Hero
Restless-1 Loyalty if available but not chosen for a mission
SecureOnly goes to mission at full Vitality with no injuries
HatedHealing Injuries costs 100% more
LazyCan't go on three missions in a row
ExposedAlways suffers Major Injuries instead of Minor ones
Disloyal-3 Loyalty
Missionary-1 Loyalty for each Old Faith member of Round Table
SoberCan't use Potions
Greed-2 Loyalty if this Hero's equipment slots are not all relics
FrugalCan only use one Potion slot
VulnerableInjury tokens decreased by 1
ConservativeLearning active Skills costs 3 Skill Points
Righteous-1 Loyalty after missions with a Tyrant Hero
Monotheistic-1 Loyalty after Missions if there is an Old Faith Hero in the party.
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