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Kingdom Come Deliverance Activities Guide

9Kingdom Come Deliverance Activities Guide
Alongside Side Quests, Activities are special events that exist outside the main story of the game. This Kingdom Come Deliverance Activities Guide will cover all of the Activities so far including information on where to find them and how to complete them.

As with Side Quests, some Activities have multiple routes to take. Some outcomes play a small part in the grander scheme of things, others have more immediate effects. We will include details where possible but you are encouraged to go with your own personal choices. Activities usually come from NPC’s which roam through different areas depending on the time of day. If you go to an area we have listed and the Activity is not there, check back at a later time or look around the immediate area for the ! icon on the map.

Some Activities require a lot of travelling and carry capacity. It’s a great idea to first get a horse to make it much quicker.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Activities Guide – Rattay Region

Do Me A Favour - Punch Me
Beggars Feast
Rob the Rich, Give to the Poor
Thick As Thieves - Peshek

Kingdom Come Deliverance Activities Guide – Ledetchko Region

Thick As Thieves - Woyzeck
Chumps On The River

Kingdom Come Deliverance Activities Guide – Neuhof Region

A Woman Scorned

We are updating this Kingdom Come Deliverance Activities Guide as we progress through the game. Check back soon for updates. Update: We’re running into a lot of bugs on the PS4 so progress on this and the side quest guide will be slow until some fixes have been introduced.

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