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Kingdom Come Deliverance – How To Get Out Of The Castle

During one of the early story missions you are given a task to escape the castle, but how is it done? This Kingdom Come Deliverance guide will tell you everything you need for how to get out of the castle for the mission objective on Main Quest Run.

After spending the night on the battlements you are approached and told that the army is at the gate. There’s a short cut-scene here, which reveals that Skalitz is no longer occupied by Sigismund’s forces. At this point Henry wants to return home to bury his parents.

Escaping the castle is relatively easy, except for the fact the guard at the gate refuses to budge. There’s a quick and easy way to get out of the castle. Next to the guard there is a trader. Sell some items and trade for a lockpick. Once you have one head back up to the battlements, where you stood watch, and enter the room near the stairs. There’s some shields here you can steal, as well as some arrows.

One of the chests with a Very Easy rating can be lockpicked. Inside is a full suit of guards armor. Loot the chest and equip the armor before returning to speak with the guard at the gate. Choose the dialogue option “I’m an envoy of Sir Davish”, and the guard will let you get out of the castle for free.

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