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Kingdom Come Deliverance Haggling Guide – Get The Best Price

Kingdom Come Deliverance Haggling Guide - Get The Best Price
Want to save yourself a ton of coin? Check out our Kingdom Come Deliverance Haggling Guide for a very simple trick to ensure you get the best prices for everything, whether you’re selling items, buying new equipment or bribing the town guards to avoid a stop and search.

Haggling is the art of getting a better price, whether you are selling or buying. Sometimes you’ll struggle to get even a small discount but with this simple trick you can save a ton of time and just have your target drop to their lowest price instantly.

You want to pick up the Final Offer perk. To find this perk navigate to the Player section of the menu. Go to Stats and find Speech. Expand it and you’ll see the Speech perks. You need Speech level 4 and you can choose the Final Offer perk. It states

“When a trader loses patience with you during haggling, you have one more chance to make another offer”

While this doesn’t sound overly great, it works out brilliantly. Once you have bought or sold your items check your basket. From there you can see the button to Haggle in the lower left corner. Hold the button to bargain on the price.

Once you know how to Haggle you simply use the Final Offer perk to maximize the benefit everytime. When you are Haggling with a merchant, or anyone for that matter, instantly drop to the lowest (when buying) or highest (when selling) price available. The perk automatically kicks in and lets you have another go, but the merchant is now offering the best price possible.

This is the Haggle screen originally. Here you can see he wants me to pay 11 Groschen.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Haggling Guide - Get The Best Price

So now I drag the bar down to the very bottom and the Final Offer perk kicks in.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Haggling Guide - Get The Best Price Final Offer

Here you can see the merchant is unhappy. Normally that would cancel the Haggling but because of the Final Offer perk, you get one last chance. As you can see here, I was able to Haggle an additional 50%, a huge bonus. Make the trade and the extra money is yours.

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