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Kingdom Come Deliverance Side Quest Guide

Kingdom Come Deliverance Side Quest Guide
Kingdom Come Deliverance boasts a multitude of interesting and story-driven side quests. This Kingdom Come Deliverance Side Quest Guide provides information on all the side quests we discovered during our exploration through the game, including tips to complete and the rewards for doing so.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is not your typical open-world RPG. The side quests are handled in a very different way. Instead of simply picking up a quest, completing the objective, and handing it in – you are instead often given the choice on how to solve or complete certain objectives. Every decision has the potential to make an impact on the world. Whether that be something minor, or something huge, such as the death of a character. The Kingdom Come Deliverance Side Quest Guide below is based on our personal approach to each of the side quests and how we opted to complete them. Don’t be afraid to do things your own way or break away from the beaten path.

It’s also worth noting that the side quests develop over time. Not all, but some side quests will require you to meet an individual or arrive at a certain location. It is advised that you do these promptly as sometimes the individual will leave or the event will take place even if you do not attend.

Some quests require a lot of travelling and carry capacity. It’s a great idea to first get a horse to make it much quicker.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Side Quest Guide

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The Good Thief
This side quest is automatically given when you awake at Miller Peshek’s Mill after the story quest Run. Speak with Miller Peshek and agree to do his task. You need to head South West to the quest objective and retrieve a ring from a corpse. Peshek suggests you gather a nearby spade and head up to the hill to dig up the body. However, none of this is necessary. Not far from the objective, the Executioner lives in a house. Inside the house, in his bedroom, is a locked chest. Use a lockpick to open the chest and grab the ring inside. Alternatively, you can speak with him, claim you are a friend and that it is possible he kept the ring. He will allow you to purchase the ring for 15 Groschen.

Return to Peshek and he will ask you to deliver the ring. You need to head North East to Kohelnitz to speak with the Miller there and give him the ring.

Mightier than the Sword
You can being this quest by speaking with the Scribe in Rattay. Ask him about finding someone to teach you how to read and he will tell you of a Scribe in Uzhitz. Once you speak to the Scribe you will have to pay 50 Groschen and learn over a few days. When asked respond with the Greedy response.

This is one of the many Romance based side quests in the game. It’s revealed as part of the main story. During the Keeping the Peace story mission, while you are speaking with Nightingale before going on patrol, he will mention that you should repay Theresa. That begins the Courtship quest. This is quite a lengthy one so check out our Theresa Romance guide for more details.

Next To Godliness
You can get this quest from Sir Hans after you save him from the bandits and he has recovered. He can be found inside his room in Rattay, the South East castle. He will ask you to meet him at Rattay bathhouse in the evening. 22:00 onwards is fine. He will be in a back room, you need to use the door. You will have to beat a maid at dice. If you’ve been gathering your Ancient Maps or Treasure Maps loot, make sure to bring the die you have obtained.

You need to win two out of three games and then you can jump in the tub with Sir Hans. After some dialogue you can get out of the bath tub and he asks you to steal some wine. We’ve got more details, if you’re lost, on where to find the wine.

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At Your Service, My Lady
This quest is available in the town of Talmberg. When I was walking through a guard called out to me. I spoke with him and he informed me that Stephanie was looking for some help to arrange a wedding for her cousin. This is a lengthy quest that results in a courtship. Check out our Stephanie romance guide for more details.

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Restless Spirit
You can find this quest just north of Ledetchko. There’s a Herbalist slightly to the North of town inside a clearing just before the large woods. She will ask you to clear out a haunted butchers shop. You need to learn where to find 10 Poppy’s but if you’ve got a bit of Groschen on you, you can purchase the 10 Poppy’s for 2 Groschen from the Herbalist.

Head into town and speak with the lady about being haunted. You will learn of Alois’s grave location, it’s far to the West in Sasau. Head to Sasau and search the graveyard in the church. There’s one grave with a large, wooden cross covered in vines. Pick up the Cemetery Flowers then return and speak with the lady. She’ll take you inside, then place the herbs in front of the cross. I chose Latin, English and then burned the herbs however, when I returned the next day the ghost was still there. So you may want to try another choice.

If you fail the first night you have to visit the Apothecary in Rattay. The next stages of this quest become a little confusing so check out our guide for where to find the Monastery. Once you’ve stolen the Necronomicon and returned it to the Apothecary, there’s still some ways to go. Wait a couple of days for the Apothecary to read the book and speak with him. Then return to the haunted place.

Speak with the lady to learn some more about their story before speaking with the nearby Butcher. He will tell you where to find the grave. Now you should be heading out to the burned home and collecting some wood ashes from the remains of the house. Then head to the grave site in the woods. Return to the Apothecary and follow the final objectives to complete the quest.

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We are working on this Kingdom Come Deliverance Side Quest Guide as we progress through the game. Check back regularly for updates. Update: We’re running into a lot of bugs on the PS4 so progress on this and the activities guide will be slow until some fixes have been introduced.

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