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Kingdom Hearts 3D Traverse Town Link Portal Guide

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Throughout Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance there will be little pink portals you can enter. These portals contain challenges that you can complete for various rewards. This guide will help you find all of them and complete them with no trouble at all. Let’s go!

I am doing this as I go so I might miss one or two. If you ever need to know which area you are in hit start and look in the top right corner.
The first area of Traverse town. The shop is located here.Squall – 1 Star – done as Riku – At the first district of Traverse town. The area with the shop. Check the map for the pink portal after you save the girl as Riku.This one is pretty easy you just borrow some summons from here and use them to kill enemies. You get no prize but you can farm some enemies with the links.Balthier – 1 Star – Done as Sora – You have to defeat more spirits here. This time they want you to pull off three flow motion attacks. Really simple just use them right away and you will likely kill them all by the third one. If you are wondering how many you have the counter in the top right tells you.Point Prize – 10 DP
Other Prize – Rampart Figment
Bonus Prize – Confetti Candy

First District

The area with the church. It is a very large area.Special – 1 Star – Done as Sora – You need to get on the roof of the church in order to access this one. Head to the entrance of the church and use the flow motion to bounce off a wall. Then use the jump button to reach the roof. From there beat the enemies and follow the roof to the next set of roofs. Jump the gap and you should see the pink portal on the map.Tidus – 1 Star – Done as Riku – Right at the empty fountain. Just take the summons and enjoy the help to beat down any enemies you find.All you have to do here is defeat the Spirits without using X commands. Just use the flow motion to wreck them. They are average enemies but they hit harder and have more hp. Remember no X action also means no potions!Point Prize – 40dp
Other Prize – Vibrant Fantasy
Bonus Prize – Treasure goggles (Also got the Flowbermeow Recipe here)

Second District

Sora Kingdom Hearts 3dThe area where you first switch in between Sora and Riku. The area where you fall asleep.Firion – 1 Star – This can be done as Riku or Sora. The objective is to win in 20 seconds.It is pretty simple just use the barrels with Reality Shift (X+A) and hit the whole group in a single hit. After that either use flow motion or another barrel and finish them off.Point Prize – 10DP
Other Prize – Grim Fragment
Bonus Prize – Royal CakeO. Knight – 1 Star – Done as Riku – In the third District. This is another burrow summons one. Grab them and go beat down some enemies.Auron – 1 Star – Done as Riku – Near the large doors. You need to win within 20 seconds to get the maximum prize. Just like the last time you did this use a barrel to damage them all. Then either use flow motion or another well placed barrel to finish them off.Point Prize – 10 DP
Other Prize – Grim Figment
Bonus Prize – Royal Cake

Third District

Zack – 1 Star – Done as Riku – This is one where you need to win without using X commands again. I just did a lot of Flow motion attacks to win this one. If not you can dodge and combo them to death.Point Prize – 10Dp
Other Prize – Trouble Figment
Bonus Prize – Block-it ChocolateBack Streets
Special – 1 Star – Done as Sora – As you progress through the post office area you will eventually run into some large rails. Use the rail twice to stop at an over look. There is treasure below and the challenge so drop down.The challenge here is not taking damage more then twice. Honestly all I did was flow motion them to death and ended up only getting hit once.Point Prize – 40DP
Other Prize – Troubling Fantasy
Bonus Prize – Treasure Goggles
Also got the Kooma Panda recipe from this one.Post Office
W. of Light – 1 Star – Done as Sora – Once you come into the more open part of the area you will see the pink dot on the map. You need to use the boxes to climb up to the portal.You need to do three flow motion attacks. It is a very simple challenge just use thew wall to do three flow motion attacks and then finish them off.Point Prize – 10Dp
Other Prize – Grim fragment
Bonus Prize – Ice Dream ConeFountain Plaza
Special – 1 Star – Done with Riku – Once you get to the open area of the fountain plaza you will find the fountain. Use flow motion to get up on top of it and use the portal.You need to block 3 attacks. Simple enough just do that then finish the enemies off. Just block the circle shots the bats use if you are having trouble.Point Prize – 40Dp
Other Prize – Rampart Fantasy
Bonus Prize – Royal CakeThat will end the Kingdom Hearts 3D Traverse Town Link Portal guide. If you know one I missed let me know in the comments. Check back soon for more Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance guides!

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