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The boss of La Cite des Cloches in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance is the Wargoyle. This is done as both Riku and Sora. You fight him on the roof with Riku and in the square with Sora. So head on up and let’s get started!

Riku Kh3d
First off is his moves. They are different from the RIku and Sora fight but we will start with Riku.He can fly and will stay in the air for most the fight. This isn’t a problem because when he is not over the cathedral you can fly as well. When he is over the cathedral you can use flow motion attacks on him. Be sure to use that to you advantage to avoid hits as well.Right at the start he launches some crystal things at you. These are pretty easy to avoid just jump off the balcony and avoid them.He has a basic punch attack. He will move his fist back and it will light on fire. Easiest to avoid this is to dodge or block.He will also go higher into the air then start on fire. At this point he plans to charge you and do damage. I normally dodged this move or move back out of his way to it wouldn’t hit me.While he is flying he can also launch fireballs at you. These hurt a ton so be sure to dodge them if you can or block them if you are to late.As he gets lower in hp he will attack quicker as well.Now for the Sora moves.He actually cannot fly now for some reason so the fight will stay on the ground.He still throws a wild punch. He will cock his arm back and swing it at you. If you get cornered he will just do it until you die. Also once he gets lower in hp he will start using the punch to slam the ground and launch a move at you. This can easily be avoided.He will also swing his tail around wildly which can hit you. This is a tad hard to dodge so I would normally just keep my distance when he was rampaging. After that he will fall. Use this opportunity to hit him. When he gets back up you need to move because he does an AoE fire attack as well.He also can use his hands as rocket fists but they can easily be avoided.The most annoying move is when he just launches a ton of mini fireballs that come down on you like a missile barrage. Hard to dodge and if you get caught with this and a normal fireball you are dead. Just keep moving or if you can get into flow motion.

Boss Abilities

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] KH3D Boss Fight
The fight is not to complicated but if you get cornered expect to die quickly. It helps to come in with a double link ready to go as well. Make sure you spirits are upgraded as well if you have extra toys. I brought cure but potions will work as well. Time bomb does NOT work on the boss so don’t bring that move.Right at the start the game tells you that you can float off the cathedral so jump over the lock onto the boss (L+R). If he is shooting the crystals at you then dodge with Y. After his first attack he will sit there for a moment. At this point I did most of my X moves then back offed to see what he was going to do next.He actually went to the top of the cathedral at this point. I followed and went into flow motion and just busted him up until he flew back off. He tried to do his punch to me a couple times but he really couldn’t keep up with me.At about half hp he started shooting large fireballs at me while I was on the cathedral roof. Dodging these is the best option but you should focus on getting of the roof as well. Once you are off the roof re lock onto him and if you have the link use it or if you have the double link use that. With that on just keep auto attacking him and avoiding his punches. Heal if you need to.With mine I got him to about one bar left and he started to spin at me a lot more. It is pretty simple to dodge so that was not an issue. Also at this point you can Reality Shift(X+A) on the boss. Do that and connect all the icons to each other on the touch screen. It should make a circle. This will do initial damage to the boss and then you can jump off the line and do some extra damage. The game will tell you when you can use this move. I got it three times in my fight.When he gets below half he really starts to shoot out those crystal things more rapidly. It makes it hard to get close unless you circle behind him. If you can’t get close use the X attack to get in an out until you can Reality shift him again. Use this to end the boss.

Riku Walkthrough

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] I find that the Sora fight is actually a lot harder. You can’t use flow motion to your advantage as much here. Bring fully linked spirits if you can. Bring a heal. DO NOT GET CORNERED!He will start the fight with his fists and try to punch you. Either do a move that dashes through him and damages him or avoid it. He will quickly switch to the spin attack that knocks him over. Use this chance to get a combo in before he shoots back up and damages you.You can use the walls to flow motion if you want but this increases the risk of getting boxed in an finished off very quickly. I just stayed around the center of the square for most the fight.I actually got him down to his second bar then used my combo link to damage him a bit. I had the one where the dog gets way bigger and you can jump on people with him. This was pretty good for me since he had no where to run I took about a bar and quarter with this.After that he went into a rage. He started throwing his fists at me way quicker and using the fireball attack to keep me from attacking him. Eventually though he will fall down again and you can hit him. After the fire AoE I would spam my X attacks on him to do some extra damage.At his last bar he will start punching the ground and using that to hit you from a distance. This mixed with the fireball barrage makes it difficult to get close. Wait for him to launch his fists at you and once he misses for in for some hits. If he does his spin attack again wait until that is finished and hit him with a combo.Playing smart and safe will get you the win against this guy. Yes you can flow motion him but it is much more risky. Just play it safe and keep him in the center.

Sora Walkthrough

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] I was level 12 when I did this fight on Standard mode. My spirits were also at that level. Overall this is a pretty simple boss fight as long as you dodge the key moves. If you are having trouble I would go do some of the link portals or create different summons. Remember you can have two out at once so be sure to bring two!Be sure to set up your moves the way you want to use them so you don’t have to scroll mid fight.That will end the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Wargoyle guide. Check back soon for more Kingdom Hearts guides!

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