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Kingdoms of Amalur Boss Fight Guide: Rock Troll

Kingdoms of Amalur Boss Fight Guide: Rock Troll
So you’ve made your way through past the Well of Souls and have parted ways with the dwarf deadly with daggers, now you’re onto your first real boss fight.  Kingdoms of Amalur is filled with Boss Fights and this guide will help you defeat the first of those bosses, the Rock Troll.

As well as fighting the Rock Troll itself, he also has 2 companions in the form of Tuatha Soldiers. These soldiers pose very little threat if you kill them quickly. Allowing them to survive can cause serious damage if the Rock Troll manages to knock you down. If you’re quick enough, you can switch to your bow and kill one of them instantly at the start of the fight, unless your adept at dodging, I would then switch to your sword and finish the other one off. Once both of the Tuatha Soldiers are dead, you want to start working on the Rock Troll.

The Rock Troll has a few devastating abilities in its arsenal. One of the more deadly is the running smash, when the Rock Troll lifts the club above its head, he will then charge at your before smashing his club onto the ground. A well time dodge avoids this attack easily, almost as soon as he’s started running, hit the dodge and you’ll be fine. Another ability is simply a swipe with his club, he’ll lift it above his head and attempt to hit you with it, simply dodge and it won’t hit you. You can block his abilities but they still cause a fair bit of damage. His final ability is a long range AoE effect. He lifts the club sideways and then hits the floor, sending out shockwaves to damage you. Blocking is the best idea here as you’ll find you get hit a lot if you dodge at the wrong time, to dodge the attack, wait until his club has already hit the floor and then use it.

The easiest way to damage the Rock Troll is to simply counter-attack. Once he’s used an ability, he will usually rage for a second or so, use this time to strike. Hit a combo with your sword will allow you to take down 30% of his life at a time. Be prepared, once you take him down, you can earn more experience points by mashing the kill key showing during the death cut-scene (Spacebar on PC)

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