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Kingdoms of Amalur Character Creation Guide

Kingdoms of Amalur Character Creation Guide
You’ve probably read that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning hosts an unlimited amount of character customization and development options, although this becomes true later in the game, the starting options are somewhat limited. This Kingdoms of Amalur Character Creation Guide will list all the basic options when creating your character to help you make a more educated choice, after-all, you could be playing this character for 200 hours. After a short, bloodthirsty and slightly psychotic introduction FMV, you’ll be greeted with the character creation screen, your first stages to becoming the hero of Amalur.

Gender is a pretty obvious choice, you get to select between male and female. There’s no difference in stats or abilities and both genders get the same bonuses from Racial and Diety. There are a number of subtle differences in certain side-quests and dialogue later in the game but nothing substantial. This means you can play the role you wish to play, you have no fear of losing out on content because of your choice of gender.

Once you’ve chosen your gender you get to select your characters Race. Each Race is given a small introduction, including a back-story and what time of character they may develop in to. Each Race also gets certain buffs to stats and skills, these are permanent and you cannot change your Race once you’ve started the game. The available Races, as well as the stat and ability buffs they have access to, are listed below.

Persuasion +1
Blacksmithing +2
Alchemy +1

Detect Hidden +1
Mercantile +1
Lockpicking +2

Dispelling +2
Sagecraft +1
Alchemy +1

Stealth +2
Persuasion +1
Sagecraft +1

Most of the buffs are self explanatory, combined with the back-story of each Race, it’s pretty clear. Although this isn’t a major choice, as you can freely improve stats as you progress, if you’re not bothered with the appearance of your character, Varani is a good choice as it will give you access to a few locked chests early in the game. Other than that, there’s really very few benefits or differences other than the base appearance, and of course, the typical over-pointy ears.

The next stage of Character Creation in Kingdoms of Amalur is choosing which god you want to worship. Each god gives unique buffs exclusive to that particular god. Again, this isn’t a crucial choice as all the available buffs (bar the experience boost) can be easily obtained once you start the game. Although the severity of these buffs stack with your total amount, not just your starting amount. So towards mid-end game, this buffs play a much larger rolThe name of the gods, and available buffs, are listed below

Vraekor God of Fire and Patron of the Forge
+6% Fire Damage
+6% Fire Resistance

Ethene Goddess of Wisdom and Art
+10% Mana

Thyrdon God of War, Battle and Tactics
+5% Physical Damage
+5% Armor

Mitharu God of Order
+5% Health
+5% Mana

Ynadon God of Justice
+10% Health

+1% Experience Bonus

Once you’ve completed the first few steps of the Character Creation process, you can finally adjust visual parameters and add various details such as facial hair and tattoos. Sadly, this area of the Character Customization is a little on the lesser side but there’s still enough options to warrant making other characters.

That marks the end of our Character Creation Guide for Kingdoms of Amalur. Read on to find out where to go to get all our latest guides and info. Feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions in a comment below.

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  1. The gods you are listed are just from one race. Each race has slightly different god selection (most are shared, 1 or 2 unique gods per race)

    For example you are missing the god of death and god of fate (Dokkalfar).

          1. It’s all in game manual we should check that before we go on Internet checking the guides 😉

  2. I wasn’t sure quite what to pick so I just went with Dokkalfar for the +2 stealth bonus and I picked the health bonus for the deity option. I am playing a jack of all trades type character with most of my points put into Finesse and so far it is working really well.

  3. Trying to figure out how this is a “guide” . . . You list off all the options, which I can clearly see for myself in the game, and then say, “Choose what you want. It doesn’t really matter that much.”

    Thanks for the “guidance.”

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