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Kingdoms of Amalur Fast Leveling Guide

Kingdoms of Amalur Fast Leveling Guide
Want to know how to level fast in Kingdoms of Amalur? Use this Kingdoms of Amalur Fast Leveling Guide to help get your overall level way up, really quickly. Included are ways of leveling at the fastest rate.

Kingdoms of Amalur offers more free range than most players are used to, there are very few restrictions in regards to where you can travel or what you can fight. As such, it can really pay off to push the boundaries a little bit and take on something a bit beyond your station. Below are a few ways of leveling quickly, including overall level and skills.

You’re probably already familiar with the Fate Shift ability, that awesomeness that slows time before allowing you to leech experience points off everything around you. This is one of the best methods of gaining experience points and leveling up fast. Once your Reckoning bar is full, don’t activate it unless you’re surrounded by monsters. To fill it, simply use combo moves by combining abilities of your weapon of choice with spells and other moves. Try to find large groups of monsters or even better, one with an orange monster in it. Beat down the strongest monster first and finish off the rest after, if you can’t kill them all, make sure you press the right key before the end to get the experience points off the main monster. The easiest way to do this is to hit all the keys at once, before it displays them. For PC you mash LMB/RMB and Spacebar and you will almost always get the full experience bonus. It is also smart to use an Experience Points potion and if you have one, an experience boosting weapon, activate these just before you start your Reckoning for maximum effectiveness. You can also stack critical and damage pots to make sure you can finish off all the enemies. At the end of the Reckoning, you will be asked to press either your Attack, Dodge or Ability key repeatedly to gain extra experience points, up to %100 increase. Make sure you go into every big or boss fight with a full Reckoning bar. As monsters respawn after time, it can also be a good idea to remember any locations you find with a large amount of orange monsters, then simply quick travel back for maximum experience points. I’ve had 80% of a level in one fight using this technique.

Another good method of leveling is to find Lorestones as they grant a decent amount of experience points upon discovery. Check out our Lorestone Guide for the stones we’ve found so far.

The best way to level skills, without actually leveling, is to find Skill Books. These are scattered throughout the game in various places. The one I’ve found so far is inside the Bastion Library. Unlike Skyrim, you don’t need to read every book, books that can raise your skill level are actually labeled as Skill Book: Title.

Another good way to level skills is to use the trainers. These can be really expensive but by using our Earn Gold Fast Guide and Trainer Location Guide, you can earn enough gold and find the trainers in no time. Each trainer is a certain rank and can only train you to certain levels but by the time you need the end-game guys, you’ll have enough gold anyway.

More methods will be added as I discover them.

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