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Kingdoms of Amalur: How To Make Gold Fast Guide

Kingdoms of Amalur: How To Make Gold Fast Guide
Kingdoms of Amalur is full of valuable items, gear and weapons you can buy, with the only obstacle being how heavy your coin purse is. This Kingdoms of Amalur: How To Make Gold Fast guide will teach you some basic tricks to earning gold quickly and easily, as well as some more advanced methods to raking in that extra gold

Destructible Items
This is probably the most basic tip we can give you, and one that is common among most RPG’s similar to Kingdoms of Amalur. As you’ll find out during the first quest, certain types of boxes, urns and other items are destructible, meaning you can give them a bash with your sword and watch them break. Some, not all, of these destructible boxes and urns contain a decent amount of gold. The amount of gold is random, as well as the chances of obtaining gold from each box. It only takes 1 swipe so it’s very quick and easy to get gold by smashing up boxes as you go through the game.

Loot every chest you come across, the item spawning system for chests is also randomized. Although each chest has a certain guaranteed loot, such as an exact item or certain amount of gold, the chests also have a random mechanic that adds extra items or gear into the loot table. This means that every chest has a possibility of improving gear your wearing, allowing you to sell your current stuff, as well as the chance of containing a nice amount of gold. Although the chests glow and can be quite obvious, many chests are hidden behind obstacles such as urns and boxes. Using our first tip, of destroying everything you see, will help you uncover these hidden chests and maximize your loot.

Sunken Loot
Throughout Amalur you’ll have the chance to take a swim, not exactly the best hobby if you’re wearing heavy plate armor but it can pay off. When you’re swimming, or near a body of water, pay attention to the surface. If there is treasure hidden underwater, you will notice a small ripple at the top, it’s pretty obvious once you find the first one. Head to the mark and use the option to dive, this will allow you to collect the loot from the bottom.

If you want to make serious gold, you will want to invest heavily into the Detect Hidden skill. For more information on the skill, check our Kingdoms of Amalur Skills Leveling Guide. Leveling Detect Hidden will allow you to find LOADS of hidden chests and treasures, the higher you level it the more money you can get. If you’re scraping for points, just level up to the Milestone that gives you access to hidden chests. Despite the description, you can see them on the map from miles away.

Shards and Gems
Don’t sell your Shards! You can combine these for far greater profit. 2 Shards worth 157 gold each, can be combined into a gem worth over 1,000 gold.

I’ll add more contents to this article as I discover better ways to make gold in Kingdoms of Amalur

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