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Kingdoms Of Amalur Lock Picking Walkthrough

Kingdoms Of Amalur Lock Picking Walkthrough

Like most new RPGs Kingdoms of Amalur has a lock picking component to the game. It isn’t to difficult at first but if you have never played a game like this you may find it tricky. This guide will help you get started on opening those rare chests. Let’s go!

The first thing you will need to do for the Kingdoms of Amalur Lock pick guide is get some lock picks. In all likely hood by the time you make it to your first locked chest you will have looted some from a dead body or something. If not people in the towns will sell them for a decent price.

Next for the Kingdoms of Amalur Lock pick guide is actually picking a lock. If you have played Skyrim or Fallout this might not be so bad for you. Basically what you do is use the left stick to move the pin into position. Then you use the right stick to try and open the lock. Sounds easy enough right? Well if the pin is not in the right spot the pick will break and you will have to start over. To avoid this move the pin slowly and when you feel the controller rumble or it makes a weird noise you want to move it. Do it slowly and keep moving it bit by bit until you find the sweet spot to open it up and get your loot. Of course if you are good enough at picking you can auto unlock some of the chests.

That will end the Kingdoms of Amalur Lock pick guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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