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Kingdoms of Amalur: Long Overdue Quest Guide

Kingdoms of Amalur: Long Overdue Quest Guide
Kingdoms of Amalur is filled with Task quests, this Kingdoms of Amalur: Long Overdue Quest Guide focuses on one that asks you to collect 10 books from around the world. To be eligible for this quest you must have completed Crisis of the Faith which is can be found in our Dalentarth Side Quest Guide If you’re eligible, head into the monastery, head into the Eastern building and interact with the book case. This will start the quest.

Book Location #1
The first book is located in Canneroc, the quickest way to get there is to fast travel to Arden’s Hut and head directly South. Once in Canneroc head to Vauner house, the book is inside.

Book Location #2
The second book can be located in Glendara, fast travel to Didenhil and head South. Luministas Cottage is directly opposite, simply swim across and go inside to find the second book.

Book Location #3

Book Location #4
Book 4 is in the Moon Camp which can be accessed by quick traveling to Rathir and then heading South. Once inside the Moon Camp, head South East. The book is in an average locked chest, if you stealth behind it out of view, you can take it with a 3% chance of getting caught.

Book Location #5
This book can be found in Rathir itself, on the upper level. Once inside follow the checkpoints until your reach the Dormitories. This one is a bit tricky as there are 2 guards and a person reading a book, using a Shadow prism is no good as it just attracts others.

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