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Kingdoms of Amalur Main Quest Guide

Kingdoms of Amalur Main Quest Guide
This Kingdoms of Amalur Main Quest Guide will guide you through the Main Story Quests and give you any information you need on secrets, tip and bosses. The first few are part of the tutorial and pretty simple so we’ll skip those and start a couple of quests on. This guide will obviously contain minor spoilers but I will miss out any large ones whenever possible.

Into The Light
After discovering your pretty awesome Reckoning ability, you’re told to meet with Arden. Arden can be found inside his Cottage which is East of Gorhart, on the small road leading North out of Webwood. Head inside and you’ll be greeted by a surprised cut-scene, shortly after a puff of smoke, Agarth will come inside. Speak with him to continue. He tells you to head to Dellach while he gives Arden a proper funeral. Leave the cottage. Dellach is in Ettinmere, to the South West through Webwood and then west. Travel through Ettinmere with caution as there are a number of giants that ambush you as well as some pretty nasty sages. Few health pots and you’ll be fine. When you reach Dellach you’ll see Agarth on the bridge, nothing to worry about here other than a lone wolf. The first room contains an Ettin Brute and some wolves. The Brute is pretty simple, keep at range until he does his pounce attack, dodge that as he starts the animation, then counter with your own abilities. Take the West passage first, it’s a dead end but there’s some loot and 2 Ettin Shamans in there. They’re a bit tougher than the Brutes, use Dodge to avoid their lightning attack when they raise their clubs, any charge attacks will stumble them so use that to your advantage. Head back for the North passage and across another Brute and Wolves. Next room, through the big shiny door and defeat the Kobolds.

In the next room you’ll see a Kobold sitting in front of an alter, as you approach him you’ll get ambushed by 6 more. If you’re quick, you can stealth kill him before the fight initiates. This is a good place for the kill 5 with Reckoning achievement if you haven’t got it yet. The rest of it is pretty much the same until you reach the War Priest, these are basically upgraded Shamans and the same tactics apply. You get a Reckoning moment to finish it off so get your button mashing finger ready. After you inadvertently save Agarth’s life, go to the next room, be sure to search both the rooms behind the doors as they contain loot, then carry on. Enter the large room with the huge pillar in the middle, and enter the Theater of Fate. Two Niskaru are inside, again, nothing challenging.

After you’ve touched the stone a group of Tuatha will attack, there’s a fair few so if you have your Reckoning, this is a good place to use it for 2,000 experience points. After another cut-scene, the Main Quest splits into 2 paths.

Old Friends, News Foes
You need to head to the House of Ballads, you’ve probably got it as a fast travel by now so head that way. Once there you will be introduced to Glinanal, speak with him to continue. After the conversation, you’ll have to travel to The Sidhe. You may not have been that far yet so if you have to walk, remember to stock up on pots. Once you get there head up the big tree to speak with Nyralim. He will ask you to defeat Gnarsh, head North West towards Web Wood. When you get there, a lowly Rock Troll will smash his way out of the cave to clear your path. There’s a few more Rock Trolls and Tuatha on your journey through the dungeon but nothing that serious.

Gnarsh can be a pretty tough fight, she can clear out most of your HP in one move. All her abilities are the same as normal trolls, just amplified, so using the same tactics and you should be fine. Preferably want to stay range for this fight, if you can. Once outside, travel back and hand it in. After you’ve spoke with Nyralim leave and head North East to the Gardens of Ysa. He will tell you that you cannot go on until you’ve dealt with unfinished business.

The Hunters Hunted
Head to Didenhil and speak with Argarth. Choose to attack from the front for the best Reckoning moments and experience points. Follow him North to the Hunter’s Pit and enter. It’s another simple dungeon quest, nothing of note inside. Just go through and kill everything in sight.

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