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Kingdoms of Amalur Side Quest Guide: Dalentarth

Kingdoms of Amalur Side Quest Guide: Dalentarth
Kingdoms of Amalur is filled with Side Quests, this Side Quest guide will focus on the quests found in Dalentarth. Below will list all the available Side Quests, where to start, and what you have to do. If you know another technique, or a quest I’ve missed, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll credit your name in the article. Before you start, go into the Blacksmiths and loot the chest that’s legal. Inside you’ll find everything you need to make a flame sword, that will really help traveling through the next few areas and quests.

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Side Quest #1: Building Bridges
Herc Adwold can be found in Gorhart once you first enter the village. You will see him standing over a Fae that is wounded, he asks you to search for another Fae and ask for advice on healing her. Head North out of town until you reach the jump point, then head South West. Past the Wolves, and further South. There’s also a Lorestone here, Check our Lorestone Guide for further Lorestone Locations. You’ll see her sitting on a ledge overlooking the town. She tells you that you need to find a Greater Healing Potion. If you asked Agarth for extra help you should already have one. If not you can make one. Check our Alchemy Guide for more information. An easier option is to speak to the Apothecary dwarf and then search the cottage. You can find it in the final room next to the Alchemy Lab, the dresser next to the 2 cages and the dead chicken. Note: You cannot be caught when looting this dresser. Go inside the Inn and heal the Fae. You get a choice here, offer to go to the House of Ballads to save yourself a lot of gold.

The House of Ballads is quite a walk, Head North out of town then take the Eastern Road. Follow that road all the way to the North East. Once you’ve been to the House of the Ballads, fast travel back to town and speak with the Fae.

Side Quest #2: Crisis of Faith
Father Dynwel stars this quest, he can be found inside Gorhart also. He asks you to find Brother Egan who appears to have gotten lost searching for Firewood. Head North out of town and follow the path to the caravan, once there speak with him and he will take you to the Waterhall down. Work your way through the dungeon, make sure to let Egan go first as there are a number of lightning traps throughout the dungeon. As you reach the chest on the pedestal make sure you have full life as the lightning trap can do 90% of HP damage. Exit the cave following Egan and then travel with him back to the caravan. Choose to tell her the item is cursed as it’s worth more than the gold she offers you, then follow him back to Gorhart. Speak to Brother Delf inside to access another quest. Steal the Ordination book to save you time.

This gives access to the task quest Long Overdue. This quest involves collecting 10 books from across the world, making it a side quest in a number of areas.

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Sister Zelda will also be sitting outside now, speak with her to start another quest. If you’ve stolen the book, you can complete this quest straight away.

Out of the Past
For this quest you need to recover the ceremonial daggers. Head out of the building and you’ll see Ugnar close by. Speak to him and persuade him to give you the dagger.

Side Quest #3: The Commendation Faction Quest
The commendation quest leads on to Road Patrol and following Faction quests for the Warsworn. For a detailed Faction Quest Guide check out our Kingdoms of Amalur Faction Quest Walthrough Guide : Warsworn

Side Quest #4: Recipe for Trouble
You need to go into the Alchemist shop in Gorhart and speak with Nanne Hanri. She asks you to find a stolen alchemy formula that could be very dangerous if used wrongly. Head out of Gorhart to the North and then Head South East past the alter to the dungeon. Once you’re inside, you’ll find the apprentice and have to dispatch a number of basic enemies, nothing really challenging at the start. Once you’ve cleared the dungeon, you should have 3 or 4 crates done, then exit and head ways north to the camp. Clear the camp and break the remaining boxes.

Side Quest #5: Red in Tooth and Claw
This one is located outside of Gorhart. Head North out of the town and then directly East, follow the long path and you’ll find the wolf damned to be in man form, Ainmhi. He asks you to kill the nearby sprites and get some magic water to turn him back. Simply head north to the well, kill the guards and the well will vanish. Return to Ainmhi and he will give you the next location to go to, north east of the last one. Once you’ve collected the ingredient the next location will move, there are 3 possible locations. Simply check where it is, head there and wait for it to return. Use the well then head back to Ainmhi.

Side Quest #6: Reprisal, Repraised
This one is located just North East of Ainmhi the wolf man. She asks you to help her rob a ruby ring. Penri Kell is the quest giver. She asks you to kill a few deer or whatever they’re called, nearby. These can all be found in the immediate area, if you go North to the bridge, you’ve gone too far. Once you’ve collected enough heads, return to Penri. After you speak with her, look at the pillar directly behind you and place the 4 heads on the shield points, you have to do it in the order it tells you. Caution, as soon as you’ve placed the heads the troll will spawn. It’s the same as the Rock Troll fight so it’s not that hard. She will aid you in battle so if you run out of HP or pots, just kite him around using Dodge and eventually he’ll go down. You can persuade her to keep the ring, which is far better than the gold reward she offers as it gives you +10% HP.

Sidequest #7: Song of Sir Sagral Faction Quest
You can start this quest by heading to the House of Ballads. Despite what the guy at the entrance says, you can proceed inside without fear. Speak to the Fae on top of the stairs and he will tell you that you need to perform a task in order to claim a seat at the House of Ballads. Follow the other pledges outside and then head South East to the dungeon, Gorguath. Once inside speak to pledge Ficon to start the next stage of the quest. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to go left or right, you have to double back anyway. Simple follow it wrong and interact with the switches to lower the roots. There are also 5 Lorestones you can discover, check our Lorestone Guide. Once you’ve killed the roots you will have to defeat Grave Thresh, it’s not that hard a fight. Kill the little ones first, then if you can, allow the Fae to get the aggro. Your attacks stumble the Grave Thresh so get in close and do damage as soon as his back is turned.

After you kill him and move onto the next area, you’ll be attacked by several Threshes and your companion will die. These are mini versions of the main boss and pose little threat. Finish them off and head back to the main entrance to the South. Once outside head North West and back to the House of Ballads. This unlocks the next stage in the quest line Ballad of Bloody Bones

Ballad of Bloody Bones

Sidequest #8: Homecoming
Speak to Gizela inside Gorhart, you will need to be at least level 4 to start this quest. Travel way to the East, to Didenhil and find her husband, convince him to return for the best reward.

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