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King’s Bounty 2 Choices And Consequences Guide

King’s Bounty II has a number of branching conversations and dialogue options. This King’s Bounty 2 Choices And Consequences Guide lists all of the difference choices we’ve encountered while playing the game with a breakdown of the consequences and impact of the decisions you make.

For our play through we played as the character Aivor. Depending on the character you play, the exact contents of the wording may differ and some choices may not be available. However, for the most part, it’s similar dialogue with similar choices and consequences. We’re focusing primarily on the immediate aftermath of your decisions, as it’s a huge game and it would be impossible to understand the implication of every decision further down the line. However, for the most part, it’s minor differences. Changes in rewards, different dialogue, etc. There are some big changes but as long as you’re reading the dialogue, they are very clear. We suggest making a save before every major decision just in case you change your mind.

Important Note: Reward tables in King’s Bounty 2 are randomized, to an extent. This means that while I have legendary item X as a reward, you may get another. You can save before handing in or completing quests and then reload, if the original reward was not the one listed.

King’s Bounty 2 Choices And Consequences Guide

Attack The Humans Or Attack The Dwarves (Axes & Splinters Quest)
Destroy The Prison Golems Or Pacify The Golems With The Help Of Their Master (The Ruins of New Hope)
Give The Note To Horace Or Tenebros (Enemies Among Men)
Deal With Cutter Or Talk To Magistrate (Priceless Chicks)
Choose Bludgeon or Guerric (Seeds of Betrayal)
Return The Deed To Sylvain Or Give Deed To Bludgeon (The Refugee Camp)
Defeat The Chimera or Find A Way To Distract The Chimera
Return The Pig To Mellar Or Rochus (Mellars Only Friend)
Investigate The Crime Or Give The Amulet To Dwayne
Summon Eagles Or Attack At Vincents Advice (A Tough Nut)
Set Up The Crystal Or Return the Stolen Soul Seal (Marcellan Aqueduct)
Deliver The Invitation To Guienne or Deal With Cleaver & His Gang (Brands Betrothed)
Talk To Snip Or Report Postum To The Head Of The Guard (The Old Outpost Gang)
Arrest Titus Or Calm The Farmers (Rickville Besieged)
Take The Artifact From Lobo The Wolf Or Change Aros Mind (Trappers)
Find The Hacker Or Attack The Golems (Code Red)
Give Coras Purse To Hugo or Tell Garlon What George Said (Prodigal Son)
Fake Silveros Alchemy Grade or Report Rosens To Instructor (Rosens & Silveros)
Deliver The Apology Bouquet Or Refuse Courances Request (Promise Of Magic)
Destroy The Spirits From Palatinus Cage Or Solve Palatinus Riddle
Choose The Book Or Choose The Sword (Marlenes Happiness)
Attack The Gang Head On Or Find A Weak Spot (The Reckless)
Trust Molino And Return To Bernard or Destroy Melinos Artifact (The Toxic Artifact)
Give The Stone To Rosens Or Give The Stone To The Troll (Troll Mind)
Ask Rick For Help or Attack Fisher On Your Own (Clash At Windy Port)
Tell Blum About Cedric or Address A Sensitive Matter With Damien (A Shady Deal)
Uncover The Order Of Mages Secrets Or Enlist The Grey Knights
Take Gladrans Side Or Save Willmore (Willmores Revenge)
Fight The Artisanians Or Make A Deal With Damien (Through The Quarantine)
Find The Other Entrance To The Mines or Fight Your Way (Finding Lindsey)
Find & Summon Rosalines Soul Shards Or Cleanse The Mourners Statue (Julian & Rosaline)
Take Sablets Side Or Take Garous Side
Destroy The Shield Or Lift The Shield (Tricked Witch)
Summon Undead Allies Or Attack The Haven With Bloody Sadie (Haven Of The Enlightened Ones)
Attack Bludgeon Or Talk To Madame Guinenne (The Merchant Guilds Secrets)
Attack Tenebros Or Attack Horace (Aranoxs Shadow. Major Spoilers)
Unlock The Gate or Use Belindas Codes (Beauty & The Beasts)
Give The Casket To Heinrich Or Uwe (Heinrichs Inheritance)
Steal A Silver Bracelet or Purchase A Silver Bracelet (Exceeding Expectations)
Destroy The Widows Kiss Or Give The Retort Full Of Poison To Ursula
King's Bounty II has a number of branching conversations and dialogue options. This King's Bounty 2 Choices And Consequences Guide lists all of the difference choices we've encountered while playing the game with a breakdown of the consequences and impact of the decisions you make.
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