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King’s Bounty 2 Unit Details Guide

King’s Bounty II has a lot of different units, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. This King’s Bounty 2 Units Recruit Guide lists all of the different units we’ve discovered in the game including information on their stats, alignment, and unit types.

As you progress through the game different units become available at different levels. As such, the stats shown below are based solely on when we recruited the unit during our playthrough. If you want to know more about recruiting each unit, check out our guide on where to recruit the best units in King’s Bounty II. For ease of use, we have organized each of the different unit types based on alignment.

King’s Bounty 2 Unit Details Guide – All Active Skills

King's Bounty 2 Unit Details Guide - All Active Skills
  • Execution: Damages enemies then purges all wounded members
  • Attack and Withdraw: Teleport to target enemy, attack, and return without suffering control zone attacks.
  • Bloody Bite: Deals damage and causes bleed
  • Forced March: +2 Speed and +25 Armor, removes Slowed when applied.
  • Precise Strike: Deals critical damage to enemy unit
  • Flaming Arrows: Deals damage and inflicts burning
  • Healing: Restores health to unit
  • Ambush: Deals damage and lowers defense of target unit
  • Power Strike: Heavy damage to enemy unit
  • Lesser Dispel: Removes random debuff from allied unit
  • Ill Fate: Inflicts Mark of Darkness debuff. All hits on target become critical
  • Backstab: Teleports to target enemy, attacks and poisons, then retreats
  • Poisoned Arrow: Damages and poisons targets
  • Madness: Inflicts Madness debuff. Target enemy attacks nearest unit on its turn
  • Heavy Blow: Deals damage and inflicts weakened
  • Explosive Bolts: Deals damage and inflicts Immobility
  • Stunning Clap: Deals damage and stuns enemy. They cannot counter attack
  • Barbed Arrows: Deals damage and inflicts bleeding
  • Charge: Increase speed and initiative by 2
  • Teleportation: Teleport to any free hex within speed range
  • Infectious Claws: Deals damage and causes disease on target
  • Piercing Shot: Deals damage and ignores some armor
  • Fortification: Immune to critical damage, increases armor
  • Bloody Feast: Deals damage and heals
  • Electric Arrow: Deals damage and applies Shock
  • Taunt: Unit becomes priority target for the enemy
  • Rapid Fire: Deals damage three times
  • Spellbind: Stops target unit using active abilities
  • Pacify: Damages, stuns, and weakens target
  • Wave of Cold: 7 hex AoE damage and freeze debuff
  • Inner Flame: Increased crit chance
  • Stone Skin: Increases armor
  • Rage: Applies Enraged buff
  • Wall Of Fire: Unit teleports to a free hex and deals damage on every square passed
  • Chimera’s Jump: Teleports to free hex and deals damage to all adjacent hexes
  • Whirling Blades: Deals damage two hexes ahead
  • Replenish: Fully restores its own health

List Of Order Units

List Of Order Units
Dogs Of War
Spirits Of Light
Royal Mages
Celestial Warriors

List Of Power Units

List Of Power Units
Heavy Crossbowmen
Stoneskin Trolls
Ancient Wolves
Bear Riders
Troll Chiefs
Red Dragon

List Of Anarchy Units

List Of Anarchy Units
Dark Adepts
Skeleton Archers
Dark Spirits
Free Archers
Ancient Ghouls
Death Knights
Bone Dragon

List Of Finesse Units

List Of Finesse Units
Wind Spirit
Stone Elementals
Clay Golem
Iron Golem
Sentry Golem
Ice Elementals
Fire Elementals

Know where to find any units we’ve missed? Post a comment below.

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