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King’s Quest – Battle Of Strength Guide

King's Quest - Battle Of Strength Guide
After the Chivalry test in King’s Quest, you will have to do a Battle Of Strength and Battle of Speed. The tests themselves aren’t that difficult but getting to them is tricky. This King’s Quest Battle Of Strength guide will help you get there and beat it with no trouble at all.

King’s Quest How To Start The Battle Of Strength

In order to do this part you will need to get a pie to the bridge troll. The bridge troll can be found below the tournament sign, up the right path. Tell him you will bring him better food and you can avoid being eaten, you can also dance with him if you tell him you are a troll also. You will need to get some fruit and some mushrooms in order to get the Pie made, you also need a gold coin.

First off go north of the tournament sign and you should see something hanging from a rope. Take down the rope at the tree for the raw meat, this is used later. Now take the ladder to get underground. Down here you will find the mushrooms that you need for part of the pie. Now go to the right and on to the next screen and take the path up. Follow the path to the right and use your new bow skills to cross the gap with the rope. Keep going until you have to fight the goblins and save the merchant. Tell the merchant to give you your money back for one coin, this is needed for the pie.

Now head back down the trail to the sign that talks about the floating islands. Follow the path right until you run into a sign on the right that says “Don’t turn right!” and take that right. This is where you can find the fruit, you can’t access them quite yet. Head back to town and go to the pumpkin patch. There is a path to the left of the pumpkin patch that has your fruit picker. Grab that and head back to the fruit. Pick the fruit and then grab the beehive and toss it over the cliff.

Once you have the items, head back to the pie shop and place both into the pie pan. Once it is made you can get the pie for gold and bring it to the troll. This will get you the key item, Olfie’s horn mouthpiece. Now you can go to the floating islands but can’t complete the test yet. Cross over the bridge and go right to get another gold coin.

Now we are going to use the raw meat to get a lantern. Make your way back down towards the theater and on the way you will see a green bush that moves. Use the meat here and grab the Badger that comes out. Go back to the pumpkin patch and use the Badger to get the pumpkin. With your one coin, you can use the pumpkin in the magic shop to get a lamp. With the lamp you can now enter the cave and the forest, we are going to the forest first.

Go back to Olfie and cross over into the forest. Use your lantern and move through the forest, grab the work order on your way through. At the end of the forest take the path down and follow it all the way over the troll fort. Keep going down and follow that path left until you pass by the troll fort door, you need a password to enter there. At the end of the path you can use a ladder to create a shortcut back up to the first Olfie bridge. Use the horn to call him, then take ladder down and go towards the troll fort. There is a secret knock and password used to get in.

For the knock you need to knock, ring the bells on the tree twice and then knock again. The password is Truss Me. Inside you will have to listen to three things the trolls are talking about, your choices don’t matter much. When you are asked to put down an item put down the bell. After they circle through the choices, tell them you are leaving and grab the red horn from the pile.

King's Quest - Battle Of Strength Guide

You can use the red horn south of the town. Keep going until right before the frog section and blow it there. Across the bridge you will have have to use the Hypnotic potion on the raisin snacks the troll is eating. Tell her to take a nap and you can grab the last horn needed. If you missed it, the potion is from the magic shop when you return the feather from the merchant you saved.

Now head to the floating islands and start the test. Before you climb the ladder, go left and blow the gold horn to get a bridge. You can try to fight back the knight but you get pushed off no matter what. When you get back up there, grab the rope and start to tangle it. The objective here is to trip him with it. He follows the rope so lead him to a point where he has to step over and then bam, pull on the rope to trip him. He will toss you down again to another horn. Blow that horn and it’s time for round 2. Same as before, tangle it up and trip him. Same thing for the third round.

After you finally pull out all the rope it becomes a different kind of fight. You want to use the knight to knock down all the pillars. Now it’s just the test of speed and wits.

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