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Saints Row IV Guide – Kinzie Loyalty Mission Guide

Saints Row IV Guide - Kinzie Loyalty Mission Guide
Want Kinzie Kensington to be your Super Homie in Saints Row IV? Follow Gamers Heroes’ guide for the Kinzie Kensington Loyalty Mission and you can add her to your crew.

Kinzie’s Loyalty Mission “Loyalty – The Girl Who Beat Cyrus” will be available after the mission “Hello Teacup” in the story mode. Go to the Menu and choose “Finish Off Cyrus.”

Meet Kinzie

Meet up with Kinzie at the eastern part of Steelport – Loren Square, at The Broken Shillelagah.

Go to Armory Island

Follow the markers to Armory Island. It is a restricted zone that can be found in the southeastern part of Steelport.

Steal a Tank

Steal a Crusader Tank and start destroying stag equipment. Be careful of the portals, round murderbots, and jets. Once you destroy all of the tanks, Cyrus will appear in a harrier. Try and take him down with the tank — if all else fails, leave the tank and take him down with one well-placed RPG.

Kill Cyrus

Watch out for Cyrus’ telekinesis and super jump ability. Freeze him and use the Dubstep Gun to get him down to 75%. When he disappears, use the freeze ability on the reinforcements and use super sprinting to destory them.

When Cyrus reappears, use the same strategy to get him down to 50%. When he disappears, use telekinesis to fling the armory vehicles at the reinforcements.

Cyrus will reappear one last time. Whittle his health down to 25% — Kinzie will do the rest.

Congrats – Kinzie is now your Super Homie!

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