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L.A. Noire A Polite Invitation Guide

L.A. Noire A Polite Invitation Guide

The next case in L.A. Noire is called A Polite Invitation. This guide will help you find all the clues, answer all the questions correctly, and get the 5 star rating. There is a newspaper in this one I’ll point it out. You still play as Kelso in this one. Let’s get on with it.

The first thing you will do in the L.A. Noire A Polite Invitation guide is get to your car. Use it to go to your first destination. Once there use the mail boxes to find the right number. Benson is in number 2. It is up the stairs. Once you get there it is time to search for clues.

Head into the bedroom first. You get a cut scene. After that go check the table behind where thew old guy is sitting for a folder. Check it for a clue. The to the left of that is his desk. check that for another clue. Done with clues here.

The next part of the L.A. Noire A Polite Invitation guide is questioning Benson. Let’s do it.

First question motives for fraud. Pick lie and use share certificate.

Next is suburban redevelopment. Choose lie and use insurance agreement.

Last is Buchwalter case settlement. Choose doubt. After that leave and go to your car.

The next part of the L.A. Noire A Polite Invitation guide is at California Fire and Life. Go inside and head to the back for the elevator. First door on the right when you get up there. Check the desk for a file. On the blue paper in the top right corner is a longitude and latitude. Click it for a clue. Next go onto the pick slip and click the ting with 3500$ on it for your last clue here. After that you get a cut scene.

The next part of the L.A. Noire A Polite Invitation guide is at the hall of records. Head in and talk to the guy behind the desk. Head up the first set of stairs and go towards to the office. Speak with the guy behind the desk and follow him. On the second page under suburban redevelopment fund is a name Sheldon. Click it for a clue. After that follow the guy again to a map. You have to make it latitude 34,04,29 and longitude 118,17,58. That will give you a clue. Go next to the guy and use a calculator. Divide 1876988 by 90000.you get twenty. The letter is U. The name you are looking for Brandall Jones. After that a cut scene and a gun fight. Stay behind cover and grab a gun when you bring someone down. Basic stuff here.

The next part of the L.A. Noire A Polite Invitation guide is at Kelso’s apartment. Answer the phone when you get there. Once you gain control head to the Mansion. Once you get there you get a cut scene then it is time for a fire fight. Stay behind cover and grab guns as you go. Once you get to the mansion you are on your own. Use cover and I’d recommend the shotgun since it is close quarters. After you fight through the wave you will make it to Monroe. You should see a newspaper next to a photo check it out if you want. Next we will look for clues. Be sure to look at the photo as well.

Search desk for a file with some names crossed off. Click Sawyer. That will end this place.

That will end the L.A. Noire A Polite Invitation guide and get you the 5 star rating. On to the next case.

That will end the L.A. Noire House of Sticks guide and it will get you the  5 star rating. On to the next case. While you’re here though check out and like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

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  3. You’ve missed one clue out, in Benson’s flat you go into the bedroom and find an underage girl in there and a cut scene follows. Not sure at the moment if there is any future leads from this.

  4. @Adam
    dude don’t curse the car you drive. its better then not having one ain’t it? nothing is ever perfect if you look into it.

  5. Thanks for these guides 😀 helped me get my platinum :P… now to work on the dlc ones… oh yea i forgot about having to look at the newspaper movie…. didnt now what i missed… till i avtually started the vid then canceled…. and it was over YAY…platinum.thanks!!

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