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L.A. Noire A Walk In Elysian Fields Guide

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The next case for L.A. Noire is called A Walk in Elysion Fields. This guide will help you get all the clues, answer all the questions correctly and get the 5 star rating. There is a newspaper in this case and I will point it out. You may recall we went to Elysian fields in the last case for a brief moment. Let’s get on to the case.

The first thing you need to do in the L.A. Noire A Walk in Elysion Fields guide is to head to the crime scene. Four dead people this time round, could be trouble. Walk up and the coroner will lead you into the house. Oh boy what a site not looking like simple arson anymore. Time to search for clues.

First thing you are going to look at are the bodies. Not a clue but I learned something about fire from this.

Turn around and check B for a clue. You get a cut scene and learn something interesting. After that leave the house. You will have a cut scene dealing with Biggs. Time to get some more clues.

On the right side of the house you will see the letter C. check it for a clue. Oh and before I forget on the right side of the yard in the corner there is a newspaper. Grab it and check it if you want. You will get some more insight.

Head to the neighbors and by the tree in the front yard you can get a two clues. If you don’t get these clues you can’t ask the neighbor an important question so be sure to get both of them. Boot prints and cigarette butts. Thanks Mos.

Next go question the neighbor. He will give you a clue.

First question Morelli fire witness report. Choose doubt.

Next pick suspicious activity. Choose doubt.

Next ask planned demolition. Pick doubt.

Last ask promotional travel contest. Pick truth. After that a cut scene will happen and we know who the killer is. The origami killer from Heavy Rain! No not really just open up the origami. After that Dudley will come out with a flier and you will get some more info. After you get control go use the phone.

Next part of the L.A. Noire A Walk in Elysion Fields guide is going to Rancho Esscondido. Once you get there it’s time to fight. Not to hard really I only had to take down two guys. After that we have one clue to find. On the outside of the house to the right of where you start check the wall. You will get a clue there. That’s all here moving on.

The next part of the L.A. Noire A Walk in Elysion Fields guide is at Elysian Fields. Once you arrive and talk to the lady behind the desk. After that head upstairs and talk to the other lady behind the desk. After that head into Monroe’s office and talk with him.

First question Elysian linked to arsons. Choose doubt.

Next is promo travel contest. Pick lie and use Elysian fields flyers.

Next is local land acquisitions. Choose doubt.

Last is Rancho Escondido fire. Choose lie and use the poor quality cement. After a cut scene check the names on the desk. Pick Herbert Chapmen. After that head downstairs and use the phone. You will get a cut scene. After that it is time to move on.

The last part of the L.A. Noire A Walk in Elysion Fields guide is at Chapman’s apartment. Once you gain control check Herbert’s trunk. Check everything for a couple clues. After that you will get a cut scene then a chase. Push up against the side of the trolly till the panel falls off. After that stay along side it until your partner shoots it. Herbert will get of the trolly and shoot at you. Put him down.

That will end the L.A. Noire A Walk in Elysion Fields guide and get you the 5 star rating. On to the next case.

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