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L.A. Noire Buyer Beware Guide

L.A. Noire Buyer Beware Guide

This is your first big case in L.A. Noire and the first case(Buyer Beware) you have to ask some questions. If you already messed up on this case don’t worry you can replay any case you want in L.A. Noire at anytime. If you are like me you like to get it right on the first try so you might of restarted the case already. Problem here is in L.A. Noire you can’t skip anything so you have to watch everything over and over if you keep guessing wrong. So lets get started on the case.

This guide will help you get the maximum amount of points in the Buyer Beware case.

Obviously the most important thing in L.A. Noire is finding the clues on a crime scene. For this case we have three clues to find. First clue is on the dead body. Investigate it and search the bottom part of the jacket to find a Voucher. This is important later so be sure to get it.

The second clue is some shell casings. They are kind of hard to see but the do shine with a gold star. They are near the street in between the car and trash can. If you can’t find them your partner will look down at them soon enough so just wait for him.

The third Clue is the gun that shot the man. Look in the trash can and you will pull the gun out. Make sure you move it into the position that it zooms in and you get the clue.

Then your partner will tell you to talk to a witness. It is a guy in a red shirt. He will point you to the real witness. Go into the store and talk to the lady.

This is where things get interesting you have the clues now you need to talk with the witness and judge whether her statement is true or false. Look at how they react and the evidence when you talk with them.

L.A. Noire gives you three choices when attempting to question a witness. You can think they are telling the truth, doubt them or just straight out say they are lying. If you think they are lying you need to have some proof though and the right clues discovered or you may be in trouble.

Once the witness is done speaking tell her she is lying. You can likely tell she is lying by the way she is fidgeting and not making eye contact. She will say best have some proof to back that up. Don’t worry we do. Time to bust out that voucher clue we found and put the screws to her.

She will admit to everything. Then tell you how he got shot in the back multiple times and the guy tossed the gun in the trash bin. After that you can select one of two things. Pick the details of the shooting since that’s what I did. You will ask how many shots she will say a lot and it was very loud. Then you select truth because for that part she is telling the truth.

Time to do Possible murder suspects. After she is done speaking select doubt. She is clearly lying but we have nothing to back it up at this point so we can only press her harder. She breaks down and tells you the real reason. Hate crime.Time to leave.


After that you and your partner will drive to the jewelry store to confront the shooter. The guy you speak to will tell you he is in the back. Of course he is lying and he makes a break for it and the chase begins. During the chase you have to aim your gun at him until the bar fills up and he will stop running. DO NOT SHOOT HIM. I did that and it is a failure.

After he is arrested you will get a chance to do the interview. Here is where it gets tricky. This guy will of course try to wiggle his way out of the murder but we aren’t going to let him.

You only have on choice to select it. Kalou (suspect) will say that Gage (dead guy) had it coming but he didn’t do it. Then you select lie. Kalou will say prove it and you select eye witness. The girl that you just talked to in your evidence.

Now it is time to select religious issues. Kalou will say I don’t know what you mean. Select doubt. Then he will basically give himself up. Now you have your first major arrest and a promotion.

This will also net you your first trophy/achievement Police academy.

So there you have it a guide to Buyer Beware for L.A. Noire. Not to hard because it is your first big case but still has a bit of a challenge to it. Look forward to more case guides in the future.
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